In addition to Alan, what I feel deep in my heart requires that I make additional, on-going, and  special dedications.  I hereby dedicate to:

My Beloved Smiles For All Board of Amusement 

You continue to fulfill with style and finesse your sole responsibility of amusing me.  To you as a group and individually, I am grateful.  Please remember though, the moment you stop amusing me, the Board will be disbanded immediately… so no pressure.

The #3

You have always been my favorite number, and it is time you get the recognition you deserve.  I think it is cool how you are two sideways smiles, one resting on top of the other.  You are also a prime number…very cool!  Thanks for always being there for me.  (FYI, #33, you’re also OK.)

The Internal Revenue Service

Why a dedication to the IRS?  Because I totally respect the hard job the IRS has to do and how it does it.  Moreover, while the IRS currently only knows me by my social security number, I want them to like me if they ever feel the need to know me better.  And as a general principle, I think it is hard to audit somebody who dedicates something to you.

My Pal, Maxwell Smart, Control Agent 86

Max, thank you for protecting our country and keeping us laughing at the same time!  You showed the children that not only do hard work and laughter make a wonderful couple but also that laughter helps us to complete our serious work.  For setting this example, both our country and I owe you a debt of gratitude we will never be able to repay.  Looking forward to our beer next week.

PS.  Max, I sure was jealous when you married Agent 99, but I got over it.

Love and Thanks to You All,


The Big Milkshake