The Day an Armadillo Ripped My Pants

As an animal educator for the past 5 years, I’ve had my share of embarrassing moments with animals. However, it was the day that Allegro, the three-banded armadillo, caused me to rip my pants that sticks out as the funniest. 

I was presenting Allegro to a large group of people who were seated at a long table. He’s a funny little guy from South America, short in stature but exuding energy. In fact, Allegro loved to run around on the floor, mostly in circles. This is fine by me, because three-banded armadillos walk on their nails. His running around became an educational opportunity for the group, as they could see how an armadillo actually moves around.

I put Allegro onto the floor. He ran around in his usual circles. However, there must have been something tasty on the floor under the table, because that’s exactly where he ran.

I crouched down to reach him, but the table was really low. I heard a loud rip that seemed to be the loudest sound in the room. I picked up Allegro, who seemed to be laughing at me before I even knew what he was laughing at, and went to present the next animal.

That’s when I realized that my pants had ripped in half. The entire room had just caught a glimpse of my Hello Kitty pink underwear, probably something shocking that they hadn’t expected for an adult to be wearing.

But the show must go on, or that’s what they always say. Until you don’t have pants to wear for a presentation. I rushed to a nearby office and attempted to tape the pants back together. The tape wouldn’t hold. I decided to staple the pants back together. I figured it only had to hold for about another hour.

I learned that day that when working with animals, it’s best to put an extra pair of pants in your purse.

(photo courtesy of Sdbower/