Daddy or Cake


At two years old, my daughter Samantha is absolutely in love with her daddy. Her eyes light up when she sees him and he will openly admit to everyone that she has him wrapped around her finger. She bats her long eyelashes, smiles up at her daddy, and I know whatever she asks for he wants to tell her, “Yes!”

One day I saw a shirt for her that I thought would be an instant favorite. It was glittery and shiny with a picture of a heart and a piece of cake. On the shirt was written “I love my daddy more than cake.” Knowing her extreme love for her father, and how much she likes cake, I was pretty sure she would love it, but since she was only two years old I wasn’t 100% sure she would get the humor.

When I showed her the glittery shirt, she started smiling. I began reading what was written on the shirt – “It says ‘I love my daddy…” then paused. So far she was hooked. A shiny glittery shirt that said she loved her daddy! Then I continued “…more than cake!” Her smile suddenly faded. She looked concerned and I thought “Oh no, she doesn’t get it.” I was quickly trying to figure out how to explain it when she slowly looked up and in a two year old voice said “Maybe it should say, ‘I love my daddy AND cake.’” I started laughing because I realized she completely understood the shirt, she just couldn’t decide how much she loved cake.

In that instant I knew my daughter was more like me than I thought – because if it was my shirt it would have to say “I love her daddy AND cake” as well.

(photo courtesy of Sergil Shalimov/