Cool To The New Fridge


My husband and I had been looking at refrigerators for a while, but we weren’t ready to commit to one. We aren’t impulse buyers. We research a product and then take months or years of fake shopping before we purchase a big item. However, a gleaming stainless steel number bedazzled us. It had sleek glass shelves and storage bins, French doors, bottom freezer, two ice-makers, the option for cubed or crushed ice, and a filtered water dispenser. My husband was disappointed that the refrigerator couldn’t be delivered the next day. We missed the 5:00 pm cut off time. I didn’t care. We were getting a new fridge.

At home, we broke the good news to our daughter. She said she was excited about the new fridge, but I noticed her eyes were glistening. She must be allergic to leaf mold. She left the room and came back with her camera. She snapped a picture of herself with the refrigerator. What’s going on? I asked her.

“I’m going to miss it,” she said. “It has kept our stuff cold and always been a part of our house.” She said this while stripping off a part of the door handle. As she scrambled out of the room, she sniffled, “I’m keeping this.”

Listening to her get choked up about the fridge made me start to feel bad about getting rid of it. It has always chugged along keeping our perishables edible, and now we were tossing it aside for something younger and flashier. Our worn fridge wasn’t a supermodel but at twenty-three years old it didn’t have any reconstructive surgery. It was just a plain side-by-side door, almond colored refrigerator that my husband and I bought at a scratch and dent store when we were starting our married life together. I couldn’t think about what its fate would be, maybe it would be recycled and live on.

The next day we anxiously awaited our new refrigerator. The delivery men arrived an hour late, but the truck pulled up and accommodations were made to fit the larger unit through the front door.  Once the refrigerator was placed, we were able to enjoy our new addition.

I sent our boy at college a picture so he wouldn’t think he stumbled into the wrong house when he came home for a visit. Actually, my daughter sent the photo because that’s too complicated for me. The Boy’s reply, “Snazzy, but it’s sad the other refrigerator has been around my whole life.”

I honestly didn’t know my children were so sentimental about appliances. They didn’t express any sadness when we replaced the toaster. However, the toaster did die from natural causes. I guess they were thinking we didn’t callously chuck it while it was still toasting.

There was another member of the household that had an issue with the replacement, and that was our cat. He’s skittish about most things on a daily basis, but the refrigerator frightened him. He hesitated before entering the kitchen and then slinked as far away from the refrigerator as he could to get to his food dish. Anytime we opened the doors he jumped. I filled his bowl with water from the refrigerator dispenser and added a couple of ice cubes. He acted like I was trying to poison him. I swear if he had his own personal food taster, he would have made him drink it first.

Regardless of how the rest of the family felt, I loved the new fridge. It has been a smooth operator and it’s energy efficient. I hope it lives a long, happy life.

(photo courtesy of Patpichaya/