Colorful Ribbon on Everything

Our Car?

March 29, 2014– My Dear Secret Diary, I have always thought it makes a ton of sense to put an identifier like colorful ribbon or the like on one’s baggage to make sure it isn’t mistakenly taken at the airport baggage claim. 

Of course, I’m too lazy to do this, but I still think it’ s a good idea.  I’m now starting to think ribbon should be put on many more things than simply baggage.  Perhaps you’ll agree with me as I reflect back on just part of one particularly interesting vacation day.

My wife (Chocolate Malt Shake), and I were away, and we were visiting friends who had rented a beach cabana.  However, we were all hanging out by the water away from the cabana, swimming, throwing a ball around, all that good stuff.  I was soaked, wanted to change, and go to the bathroom.  I knew the number of their cabana and where it was (although I hadn’t yet been there), so I headed to the cabana to take care of things.

Indeed, as planned, I changed, went to the bathroom, and put my wet clothes into plastic bags I found in the cabana.  All was well.  I then noticed the refrigerator, realized I was hungry (which is always the case), and helped myself to a slice of fruit that was in the fridge.   The world was good.

I walked outside, for some reason looked back, and saw the sign on the cabana confirming I had just used cabana 18… perfect except that my friends’ cabana was  cabana 17, and they didn’t know the folks in cabana 18.  OOPS.  Good thing my head was screwed on, or I would have left it somewhere behind.  In any event, the correct folks were informed, and things were squared away as would be appropriate in such circumstances.

That night, the group of us went out to dinner.  Parking was scarce, but the restaurant had valet parking.  We were among that last to finish, and when we got outside, there was our Alamo rented, silver, Chevy Impala already waiting for us at the door.  How good is that!

Well, as it turns out not so good because it was the wrong silver, Chevy Impala.  Yep, another couple at the restaurant also had a silver, Chevy Impala, and we were looking at their car.  Valet parking had given them our car, and they had driven off in it.  The cars were so similar that the mistake is totally understandable– although of course not nearly as understandable as going into the wrong cabana.  The only reason we didn’t drive off in the wrong car ourselves is because we happened to notice a large cell-phone antenna on the other car, a feature our car didn’t have.

However, lady luck was totally our friend.  While the restaurant couldn’t find a number for the other couple (either they had paid cash or were guests), in our attempt to find a phone number for them, we did find a car rental contract in their glove compartment.  Turns out they too had rented their silver, Chevy Impala from Alamo.  So we called Alamo, which reached out to our soon to be new friends, and fortunately they lived less than two miles away.  The fellow was back in less than five minutes.

When he arrived, we smiled and shook hands, verified each others’ merchandise, and completed the exchange.  And you see me pictured above reunited with what I hope to be my rental car and nowhere near the wrong cabana.

And the moral of the story Diary: it’s not enough to just put colorful ribbon on your baggage.  You should also put ribbon on your cabana… your car…

That's Our Car

your socks…

And Socks

The Big Milkshake…

Or The Big Milkshake

and probably just about everything else.