My Cohabitation Education


During college and graduate school, I couldn’t afford my own place. As a result, I had a variety of roommates over the years.  Here are a few of them.

The clean culinary artist: Time was non-existent during graduate school. Studies took priority over all other daily life functions. My roommate figured out a way to save time. She would shower, while she cooked her dinner. This may be safe with a microwave. She however, would fire up a turkey burger on a gas range, then start her 30 minute shower. I learned of this combo as I noticed smoke billowing under my bed room door. I was thankful for every fire safety video, I was forced to watch in elementary school. I did feel the door. It was cool, so I crawled to find an extremely well done burger. I am pretty sure it was inedible. It was probably not as big of a time saver, as intended.

The half piercer: This roommate liked the look of piercings.  She started with double piercing her ears. She had the earring half way in, and needed my help to finish the task. That one was not too difficult. A week later, she entered my room with a needle half way into her eyebrow. I helped her complete her eyebrow piercing. I moved out before she showed up with a much more complex piercing.

The patch girl: Graduate school was extremely stressful. I dealt with stress by running. My roommate dealt with stress by smoking. I actually never saw her smoke, I just noticed one day she was wearing a nicotine patch. Being I wasn’t even aware she was a smoker, I asked, how much she smoked a day? She replied, “About a cigarette a week.” I do believe, she is the only person who became addicted to nicotine on the patch.

I am long past my roommate years, yet I still am thankful for the entertainment and additional education these colorful individuals brought to my life.