Coffee and Caffeine: A Duel to the Death


We can thank the Arab culture for the popularization of coffee. Apparently, the beverage helped worshipers stay awake for their late night prayer sessions. I don’t know about late nights, but early mornings have always been a significant part of my world and it is coffee that makes them pleasant and invigorating.

I only drink it in the morning; I need three big cups; one for each eye and then another for my mind’s eye (wherever that is). I love it and I refuse to contemplate life and its trials without. I feel entitled. I’ve given up most of the dangerous and unhealthy things in my life, including drinking and cigarettes.

Why should I give up coffee? Truth be told, there are probably a hundred reasons, but they all fall on deaf, caffeine-sodden ears. I’m an addict and I’m proud. Caffeine makes me more fun to be around, unlike other addictions that make you slur your words or think you can fly across tall buildings in a single bound.

A few years ago, I read about a study conducted by NASA involving spiders and the affects of marijuana, Benzedrine (speed) and caffeine on their web-making capabilities. It seems the webs they generally weave, whether or not practicing to deceive, were erratic under the influence of marijuana, incomplete with Benzedrine and could not be woven AT ALL when caffeine was introduced into their systems. This probably should scare anybody. If I were a spider, I’m sure it would.

So what can we non-arachnids do to keep caffeine in our lives? It’s simple. Keep drinking caffeine-infused liquids and don’t read any of these studies.

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