The Chopstick Conundrum

SteakChopsticksBack in high school, my friends and I would often spend the after school hours hanging out at each other’s houses, or as our parents would call it, much to our annoyance, on “play-dates”.

Sometimes, in desperate attempts to get us outside of the house and away from breakables, our parents would take us out to dinner.
 One such day, my closest friend Michael and his mother Christina decided that we should go out to eat at a Hibachi restaurant, a Japanese style restaurant in which the chefs perform awesome tricks while cooking in front of you.  For a kid like me, this sounded like a great idea!!

We arrive at our table later that evening and the waitress comes to take our orders. She takes a quick glance at Christina and Michael (who are Caucasian by the way) and asks, ”Would you like us to bring you some forks and knives?”  
Christina immediately responds, ”Us? No! We know how to use chopsticks, but that Asian boy over there, he doesn’t!” as she points at me.

I myself, flabbergasted by the accusation, sputter and cough out a ”No, no! I can use chopsticks fine!” The waitress giggles and walks away.  Still when she brings us our drinks, the waitress puts a fork next to me.  I cry for her to believe the fact that I don’t need it, but she walks off again.

I refuse to use the fork and pick up the chopsticks, which, in normal circumstances, I am quite good with.

I take a glance over at where the waitress is sitting and realize she is looking at me while whispering to all the other people working there.  Apparently, everybody was watching me eat.  I felt that this was my chance I could prove to them I could actually eat with these weapons of consumption.

I reach down, pick up a piece of cut steak, and raise it slowly to my mouth. All is going well until I glance over at the table full of people watching. I am now very nervous, my hand shaking as I go towards my victorious bite.  Before I cross the finish line, I take one last glance at The Table…

The steak drops, bounces off the table and hits the floor. I look down at the piece of meat, fallen like my pride, so close! I take another quick look back at the waitress and her friends and realize they are all laughing.  Needless to say, that was one of the longest meals I’ve ever had.