Chocolate Malt Shake, Siri, and Me


February 24, 2013– Dear Diary, When I awoke this morning, Chocolate Malt Shake (CMS), my wife and better two-thirds, was in bed with her iPad.  Over the last week or so, she has been going on and on about how cool one of Apple’s applications, Siri, is.  Some folks describe Siri as a concierge service; one that talks. 

From the Apple web site, “Siri is the intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done just by asking.”

Chocolate Malt Shake started showing me some Siri stuff.

CMS to Siri:  “I want coffee near me.”
Siri (spoken and in writing): “I found 15 coffee shops fairly close to you.”

Then it showed the addresses and ratings for 15 coffee shops near us.   I was pleased that it didn’t respond, “There is coffee in your kitchen 20 feet away; tell your lazy bum husband to make you some.”

CMS to Siri: “I’m hungry.”

Siri responded the same way, matching this inquiry with 15 nearby restaurants and their ratings.  Siri kept up with us as we narrowed our search to Mexican restaurants.

Still, Siri is not perfect.

CMS (speaking oh so sincerely): “I’m sleepy.”
Siri: “I’m a little sleepy also.”
Chocolate Malt Shake: “I need more sleep.”
Siri: “I found 20 hotels near you.”

If we had a newborn, that answer would have been helpful.

CMS: “The Big Milkshake is my husband”.
Siri: “Do you want me to add him as a relationship?”

That question insulted me.

Fortunately for me, Chocolate Malt Shake responded, “Yes,” and Siri obliged.

Me to Siri: “Can I get breakfast in bed?”

At first, Siri was silent.  I guess she was blowing me off… figures.  So I slightly rephrased the question, and Siri informed me about the Bear in the Tree Bed and Breakfast… over an hour away in Long Island.  Perfect.

When I looked for further information on the computer tonight, I could only find over 5 hours away in upstate New York.  Either way, I don’t think I was getting breakfast in bed.