Cattitude Part V: Cats and Their Territory: Do Not Disturb!


Cats have a way of finding their own space, much like the old saying about water seeking its own level.  It may take them a while, but once they find a favored spot, it most likely will remain so for a long time to come.  

I once had a very eccentric tuxedo cat named Goliath who weighed about 15 pounds. He was a hefty, charming and feisty soul who loved to sit in my bedroom window and look out at life passing below. He would tolerate a plant at the edge of the sill, but if I dared for any reason to change its location and move it closer to him, he would eat it!

Once while cleaning the sill (I waited until he was asleep on the couch), I mistakenly replaced the plant an inch or two off from where it had been. Boy, did he let me know how he felt about that, and my lovely, leafy wonder was reduced to a pitiful, shredded green something or other when I wasn’t looking.

Neither cat nor human could share his view of the sights below and his selfishness was not negotiable. When he was finished there anyone could play, but not until then. You would think that Goliath paid rent or did housework or something, but he didn’t.  He was just an old tomcat establishing his territory; something cats need to do in order to be what we need them to be…cats!

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