Cattitude Part I: The Litter Box

litter box

The phenomenon known as cattitude takes many forms but is perhaps best exemplified by the way cats use the litter box. It can be a dirty look if the animal is interrupted while in the process of using the box or it can include the way they throw the littler around. My cats are individuals and they all do it differently. 

One of my cats throws the litter from one of the open boxes into the other with his paws, making a mess in both boxes. Then he leaves the box, surveys the damage and walks away looking very contented. I have another cat that has lived in my house for two years and she is so private that I have never even seen her in the litter box, not even once.

I have another cat that uses the litter-box as an alternate closet/storage area. I find socks and gloves and have even entertained the thought that Jimmy Hoffa might be buried somewhere in there. The box area has also become a social gathering place to exchange booty, gossip and in general, some quality kitty time.

What does your cat really want when it comes to the litter-box?  I can only speak about mine. I have two type of boxes; closed and open.  Both seem to work well as some of the cats prefer one and some the other. I also use two types of litter, and that seems to be okay with them as well.  Some of my cats “vant to be alone,” like Greta Garbo, while others couldn’t care less if a party of ten people were in the room or even in the box with them. Cats are funny though; whatever they prefer, they prefer loudly. This is a prime example of cattitude.

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