Cattitude Part II: Trying to Read With (Or Without) Your Cat


Have you ever been in your bed under the covers with your cats lying nearby and picked up a book you have been dying to read but just couldn’t get to? Do you try to ignore that glint in your cat’s eye that says: “Mommy’s here. Let’s boogie?” If the answer to these two questions is ‘yes’, then you are in deep litter-box if you think you will ever get to read that book. (Cattitude strikes again.)

The warning signs may vary from cat to cat, but they are always clear.  The cat may be resting quietly on your bed until the moment darling Tabby sees you open that book.  In my case, I have to get my glasses on before I can proceed to step two, which rarely happens because the cat is already on my lap ready to “boogie.”

What do I mean by “boogie? Well, I certainly am not referring to the dance craze that swept the nation sixty years ago. Translated from the language of cats, Catinese, it means: “I want some attention; I want to do what you are doing right now. ”

Attack and seize proper position. The general in this battle, in case you haven’t figured it out, is the cat.  You try, but cannot ignore the encroaching fur that proceeds to brazenly sit upon your book and flatten it with its own body while you are trying to read. This is usually accompanied by much purring, which is a tactic meant to distract you from the fact that you were there first, you pay the bills, have the constitutional right to be free and read in your own bedroom, etc, etc.

Then there is the conquering stage.  The cat is there looking you straight in the eye. You must rub the head and talk softly. To do otherwise, will get you absolutely nowhere because the cat will only return more determined than ever to join you in your reading session.

There is one solution. Get dressed and go to the library to read.  The cats may have library cards, but at least as far as I know, they can’t follow you there!

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