Cattitude Part III: Cats and The Vacuum Cleaner: A Fatal Combo

vacuumWhat is it about the vacuum cleaner that makes many cats disappear? Some say it’s those loud, whooshing sounds that a cat doesn’t quite understand. I have a number of cats and when it’s vacuum time, it doesn’t matter how comfortable they might be (they could even be sleeping). When I enter the room with “the machine,” it’s always time for all good cats to come to the aid of each other and to go and hide under the bed!

I don’t know why they get so very upset.  I never point the vacuum at them or taunt them in any way.  I am just VACUUMING!  I think they don’t believe that. To a cat’s way of thinking, it’s subterfuge, pure and simple. To them, you are just using a roundabout way to get them to do something or go somewhere they don’t want to go!

I try to reason with them while approaching under the bed where they have all huddled for safety. I leave vacuuming under the bed for last, but I can’t leave the room without doing it. You would think that would make them find another place to hide, but it doesn’t. They just move to a new spot under the bed, away from you and the vacuum.

“Do you see a cat carrier in here?” I ask, trying to make them see the silliness of their ways. But they know best when it comes to cattitudinal supremacy and there’s no way to tell them otherwise!

Sometimes they will stay hidden long after the vacuuming, usually until the next meal.  When the cans open with their traditional clink, suddenly all is forgotten and forgiven and they all sit and wait before you as you prepare their meals.

Well, that’s a cat for you.  You can’t expect much loyalty from the vacuum cleaner either!

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