Opportunity Sneak Attack [VIDEO]


When one graduates from college, they often have to make some financial sacrifices.  A common suggestion is to break everything down into a “want” or a “need”.  So, Leah wonders, is flying first class a “want” or a “need”? [ Read More ]

Obedient Husband


To prepare our dog Ron for his graduation from obedience school, my husband, Philip, and I took him on a trip to a popular camping ground. [ Read More ]

Moonshine On Airplanes?

I have never had a taste of moonshine. As best I know, I don’t think anybody I know has ever had moonshine. Well, as you can imagine, things couldn’t just continue this way. Something had to give. [ Read More ]

City Boy [PODCAST]


Matthew might live in the city, but he loves the outdoors, too! The open fields, grassy meadows, blooming flowers, and… AHH WHAT WAS THAT!?!? [ Read More ]

At the Swimming Pool: What Lies Beneath


Finally, the day arrived that my family and I would be on our way out of snowy Buffalo and on to our highly anticipated trip to Florida. [ Read More ]

Destined to be Hitched


It was 1994, I was 17, and I spent my vacation working as a postal worker in a rural town south of Drenthe, Netherlands. I was looking forward to having a couple of days off from the duty. [ Read More ]

The Leaning Tower of Eiffel [PODCAST]


Pia tells the funny travel story of taking a trip to Paris with her parents. She thought her mother knew the sights already but she was hilariously mistaken. [ Read More ]

The Law Of Odds


While on a bus tour to Cape Cod, our guide gave us a key. One key would open the treasure box and receive what was inside. I looked at my wife and told her I knew I had THE key. [ Read More ]

To Gnome With Love [VIDEO]


I wanted to travel the world, so I made this video for Travelocity competition.  The winner got to travel the world for free, which sounded pretty good to me. [ Read More ]

Biker Plants


When I was in Italy, I found this funny plant landscape. These plants really know how to exercise! [ Read More ]

Smiles For All