Biker Plants


When I was in Italy, I found this funny plant landscape. These plants really know how to exercise! [ Read More ]

Keep The Change


While traveling in France on business, I managed to order lunch in French at a restaurant, relying on my translation dictionary. The waiter seemed impressed, then smiled as he thumbed through a few pages of my book. [ Read More ]

The Fortune Teller

fortune teller

A week before I was leaving for my stint overseas, my fiancé, Gloria, stated that she had a co-worker at her office that had made a bold statement about me. [ Read More ]

To Gnome With Love [VIDEO]


I wanted to travel the world, so I made this video for Travelocity competition.  The winner got to travel the world for free, which sounded pretty good to me. [ Read More ]

The Hotel Bathroom Situation


I realized while staying at this hotel, sometimes you just don’t need toilet paper… [ Read More ]

The Chicken Pilgrimage


I am not a farmer or a veterinarian so I don’t have much experience with animals. I have even less experience taking rides with livestock. But I suppose there is a first time for everything. [ Read More ]

Fastest Luggage Travel


We encountered this on our way home from the airport. Now that’s a fast way to travel with luggage! [ Read More ]

Obedient Husband


To prepare our dog Ron for his graduation from obedience school, my husband, Philip, and I took him on a trip to a popular camping ground. [ Read More ]

Look Before You Drink


A few years ago, I found myself in Varanasi, India with my friends Eric and Alan. One night, we decided to venture to a hotel bar to relax, throw back a few drinks, and mingle with some locals. [ Read More ]

A Run in the Sun


Skinny-dipping at a secluded beach can be fun. But what if you can’t find your swimsuit afterwards? Phil makes it his mission to find some new clothes. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All