Flushing Caution


I was in Belebey, Russia when I found this hilarious caution on the toilet seat cover of the hotel I stayed at. [ Read More ]

Taxi Cab Confessions

In honor of my five year anniversary as a New Yorker, I reflected on the many men who have taken me home…taxi drivers, that is. [ Read More ]

Oops, Wrong Button


I was in flight when we hit a patch of very rough air just after a young teenager, obviously on her first flight, had entered the bathroom. [ Read More ]

Husband Daycare Center


I was at a cafe in Tate Modern, London. There was an unusually high number of middle-aged men in this cafe. I found the answer when I was about to leave: A Husband Daycare! [ Read More ]

Mrs. Lucky


When the kids were small tots, life was hectic for my wife, Gloria. I decided to take her to Las Vegas for a short respite because my parents volunteered to baby sit. [ Read More ]

Down The Hatch…


“Ew, you ate what?” It’s a virtual certainty. Go to a foreign country and eat the typical fare, and you’re bound to disgust somebody with your choices. [ Read More ]

My Mother’s Innocence


At one stop on their road trip, my Mom went to use the restroom but the ‘Ladies’ room was out of order. Dad stepped up to the plate, checked the Men’s room for occupants, and told Mom “go ahead and use the Men’s – I’ll guard the door!” [ Read More ]

Better Early Than Never


Is it ridiculous to get to work 2 hours early? [ Read More ]

A Grand View


This photo was taken from the “Grand View Terrace” at Mount Rushmore National Park. [ Read More ]

Grits: A Family Dish


A family tries out grits for the first time and had a great time! But after a bit of fun with their new favorite food, they were in for a surprise. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All