Welcome Back Tips for Young Adults Living at Home


Now, more than ever, graduates are moving back home after school. This experience can be very jolting for both parents and their kids.  In this economic climate, recent college graduates don’t have it easy.  After four years of partying, eating junk food “because it’s cheap,” and going to class three days a week, the jig … [ Read More ]

The Bench Warmer


When I began my first year of Junior college, I was surprised to learn that my high school gym teacher had become the college’s basketball coach. [ Read More ]

Free Wifi


I found this free wifi sign on campus. To be exact, in Faculty of Science and Mathematics building. [ Read More ]

Faith Healing Children


As a primary school teacher, I get to help the nurse deworm children who have parasites. I dispense the medicine in the classroom by getting the children to fall in line and dropping tablets one by one into their open mouths. [ Read More ]

My Cat Professor


No one believed that I used to have a cat professor in college. This is always my proof to them. [ Read More ]

Mommy’s Gold Star


I went along with my sister to my niece’s school. They had performed an endearing play about the planets orbiting the “big, golden Sun.” [ Read More ]

How Many Girls


Right after high school I got a job in a daycare helping take care of 5-6 year old kids. The job was an exhausting 9-7 but some moments with these kids made everything worthwhile. [ Read More ]

Two Girls And A School


A first time visit to my home by a friend and his family who recently moved into the city brought together the two most talkative 7 year old girls on this planet: My daughter Somi and Fred’s daughter Cindy! [ Read More ]

Goodbye Cone, Hungry, Teacher


It’s been said that, “All good things must come to an end.” [ Read More ]

Rats and Snakes [VIDEO]

Emily remembers one of her first loves from a science class along with all the lab-animals involved! [ Read More ]