My Cohabitation Education


During college and graduate school, I couldn’t afford my own place. As a result, I had a variety of roommates over the years.  Here are a few of them. [ Read More ]

Midnight Train To Poland [VIDEO]

Justin tells a funny true story about riding a midnight train to Poland… or at least that’s where he thought he was going. [ Read More ]

Hint Stint In The Classroom


I overheard an English teacher in the classroom next to mine trying to engage his pupils in a round of literary trivia. He tossed out several questions but got little response from the students. [ Read More ]

Ball Obedience School

obedience school

This cartoon describes an obedience school that’s a little different than the rest. [ Read More ]

CC’s New Name [PODCAST]


Charlie tells the funny true story about taking his daughter Sierra to kindergarten. Since Sierra has a nickname, CC, he wanted to make sure the teacher and kids called her whichever name she preferred. But Sierra had a different idea… [ Read More ]

More Than the Naked Eye [PODCAST]


Brandon tells a story about being a little kid and asking his mom science questions. Some of the answers left quite the impression on young Brandon! [ Read More ]

Tofu, Anyone?


A classmate and I were discussing some frustrations of dorm life at my university in the Netherlands. High on my list was the difficulty of keeping others from eating ice cream I’d stored in the dorm’s refrigerator. [ Read More ]

Who Needs A Very Long String?


My little girl came from kindergarten absolutely ecstatic one day. “Tomorrow we are going to make a mobile phone out of a paper cup and string,” she announced. “Now I can call you from school!” [ Read More ]

The Quiz Will Be Waiting


Todd remembers one of his favorite students. Unfortunately the student had to change schools, but one day, Todd gets a visit! [ Read More ]

Duct Tape Boat [PODCAST]

duct tape

Emma Lysy tells the story of taking her brother’s high school yearbook photo and seeing two kids embarking on a journey in a handmade duct tape boat. Who were these people? Where were they going? Would they make it? Where did they get all that duct tape??? [ Read More ]

Smiles For All