The Broken Table [VIDEO]

Adaeze tells the funny true story about her time in boarding school, facing punishment for a table she didn’t even break! But she knows who did… [ Read More ]

Tell a Story: My Crush [VIDEO]

Colin tells the story of taking his high school crush out to lunch! [ Read More ]

Passing Judgement

high school

Did your high school have judges? This one did. And the job of High School Judge had its ups AND its downs. [ Read More ]

Thanks [VIDEO]

Leah remembers a fellow classmate from school who would copy her math work. Does Leah tell on him? Does he get in trouble? Find out in this funny true story! [ Read More ]

Crazy School Bus

There was a point in my life when I had come close to madness. I was 6 years old. [ Read More ]

I Will Not Hide Inside The Cupboard [VIDEO]

Emily tells a story about going to Catholic school and trying to find ways to stretch the rules. [ Read More ]

Naughty Yet Creative [PODCAST]


Lorrie tells the story of being a teacher trying to figure out the best way to keep her students in order. Some might be naughty but at least they’re creative! [ Read More ]

School Children


When I taught English at the middle school level, I announced to one of my classes that our spring holiday break would commence that Friday. [ Read More ]

The Honest Artist


When my sister was in kindergarten, she was instructed to draw a picture of her family.   As the family artist, Emily couldn’t wait to get her hands dirty.  She immediately began drawing my parents and me in crayon.   [ Read More ]

Kindergarten Catholic


I went to a Catholic school. Everyone I knew went to a Catholic school. My family was Catholic and so was every family in our neighborhood. We went to Mass every weekday morning and I went again on Sundays. The Mass was in Latin and I didn’t understand a word but that only made me … [ Read More ]