Homework Help


I was helping my eight-year-old nephew, Theo, with his homework the other day and I was trying to make it as interesting as possible for him by using actual examples. [ Read More ]

The Real Test


During a major exam back in college, test papers were distributed to the class. After conversing with a nervous assistant, the professor spoke. “Alright guys, we have a problem,” he said, “One of you has the answer key instead of the test.” [ Read More ]

My Cohabitation Education


During college and graduate school, I couldn’t afford my own place. As a result, I had a variety of roommates over the years.  Here are a few of them. [ Read More ]


When Ruffy Silverstein was the swimming coach at our local gym, he would allow ten or twelve kids to pin him to the mat. [ Read More ]

Naughty Yet Creative [PODCAST]


Lorrie tells the story of being a teacher trying to figure out the best way to keep her students in order. Some might be naughty but at least they’re creative! [ Read More ]

Say It With Flowers!


Phil plans on presenting flowers to his daughter for her graduation. But such a simple task gradually turns into the most complex task yet! [ Read More ]

Free Wifi


I found this free wifi sign on campus. To be exact, in Faculty of Science and Mathematics building. [ Read More ]

Tell a Story: My Crush [VIDEO]

Colin tells the story of taking his high school crush out to lunch! [ Read More ]

The Broken Table [VIDEO]

Adaeze tells the funny true story about her time in boarding school, facing punishment for a table she didn’t even break! But she knows who did… [ Read More ]

Swear Words (A Funny Song) [VIDEO]

When I was in elementary school, I admitted to saying the “F” word.  The problem: I didn’t actually know what the “F” word was… [ Read More ]

Smiles For All