Sweet Birds


These two birds were at the window of my office. They’re just too sweet. [ Read More ]

That Familar Wedding [PODCAST]


Lorrie tells the story of her lovely husband and his ability to surprise her with romance even after all these years. (photo courtesy of Stephen Coburn/Dreamstime.com) [ Read More ]

The Fortune Teller

fortune teller

A week before I was leaving for my stint overseas, my fiancé, Gloria, stated that she had a co-worker at her office that had made a bold statement about me. [ Read More ]

Zinged By My Family: Episode 3, Who was She Talking About?


May 10, 2014– Dear Secret Diary, flashing back to March 23, 2014 when my wife zinged me again.   [ Read More ]

The Burnt Cake Rescued My Anniversary


I was cooking for my fourth anniversary with my fiancée this past June since she cooked last year, but I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to make dessert too. [ Read More ]

Zinged By My Family: Episode 2, Relationship Skills Feedback

relationship skills

My family pulls no punches. I think (hope) that means they love me. [ Read More ]

To Marry or Not to Marry? And Other Questions for 13-Year-Old Me

I found this entry in an old journal of mine.  Now, as a 20-something, it prompted several questions I would have for my 13-year-old self… [ Read More ]

My Very Own Sochi Olympics Moment


Watching the Olympics this year, we have witnessed some thrills, spills and heart racing finishes. When we were kids, we used to get dressed up in work out clothes and pretend to be in the Olympics. Now that I’m older, I just enjoy watching them. [ Read More ]

How I Tech-Tricked My Wife into Happiness


The happiest compromises are often embedded in the least expected packaging. [ Read More ]

What Is Love?


‘Grandpa, what is love?’ The question was posed by my granddaughter, Josie. She is eight and if there is a more lovely child on Planet Earth, I would like to know the kid’s name and geographic location. [ Read More ]