Living Room in a Living Room

living room

To answer the question: Will there ever be a Living Room inside a Living Room? Yes, it does exist. [ Read More ]

Yoda Storage Guard


The school’s storage section where we stock up our chalks and other teaching supplies has Yoda to guard it from trespassers. [ Read More ]

Nacho Steve


We’ve all got that friend, the practical joker. You however don’t have that friend if you ARE him. This is me. My life as a practical joker life is a playground. [ Read More ]

Extra Extra: Mother Nature Threatens to Strike


Earth Day 2015– An angry Mother Nature spread panic throughout the land today when she presented mankind with a list of demands and threatened to go on strike tonight at midnight if her demands are not met. [ Read More ]

My Cat Professor


No one believed that I used to have a cat professor in college. This is always my proof to them. [ Read More ]

Score One For The Little Guy


My dad always used to play pranks on me as a kid. One day, I found the perfect opportunity to get him back. [ Read More ]

Paper Binder Monster


With a vast amount of binder clips and a lot of free time, you can create this desk monster. [ Read More ]

Fitting Room Problems


While my brother was working in an outlet store, many customers were returning the clothes, saying the pieces had shrunk or felt too tight. [ Read More ]

When Jaws Hit the Road


I was driving along the road with an old pal when I saw this in our side-view mirror. It looks like Jaws got himself a new truck! [ Read More ]

Twenty-one Hot Dogs

hot dogs

On my twenty-first birthday, I received twenty-one hot dogs. Nice! [ Read More ]