The Post Office Let Me Down in My Time of Need

Post Office

February 1, 2014– Dear my most beloved Secret Diary.  I like the folks at our neighborhood post office, and they always do a nice job.  However during my visit there the other day, they let me down in my time of need. [ Read More ]

Do Not Touch


Okay. Someone touched… [ Read More ]

Futurama Toilet Paper


Our office has Leela from Futurama in the toilet. [ Read More ]

Who Doesn’t Love a Lost Wallet


While shopping in a supermarket, I heard over the PA system, “A wallet was found containing quite a large sum of cash but unfortunately, there’s no identification to help find its owner. Will those laying claim to it please form a double line at the customer service counter?” [ Read More ]

I Will Not Hide Inside The Cupboard [VIDEO]

Emily tells a story about going to Catholic school and trying to find ways to stretch the rules. [ Read More ]

Three Carrot Ring


My co-worker showed me her three carat (or carrot, rather) ring she received from her husband. [ Read More ]

Biker Plants


When I was in Italy, I found this funny plant landscape. These plants really know how to exercise! [ Read More ]

Topsoil Claim

In April 1999, a cyclone struck our area with an unheard-of amount of rain and, as a result, caused some property damage throughout the area. [ Read More ]

That Was One Tough Taxi Driver


August 2, 2014– Dear Secret Diary, driving a taxi in New York City is one tough job, but I need to tell you about the toughest taxi driver I ever met. [ Read More ]

Self Defense

A man is in court, accused of committing some minor crime. The issue could have been settled without going to trial, but the defendant insisted on having one. But best of all, he insists on acting as his own attorney. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All