Plane Slide


I was with my acquaintances for our Air Base tour when I found the most fun-to-ride slide on the planet. Now this is a plane I’d like to board! [ Read More ]

Paper Binder Monster


With a vast amount of binder clips and a lot of free time, you can create this desk monster. [ Read More ]

The Goldberg Condo


Since my expenses have gone through the roof I decided to move into a very inexpensive condo.  I intend to stay here until spring. [ Read More ]

Flip Flops Safety

flip flops

I was at the pool when I saw this. I guess someone had once lost their flip flops while swimming. [ Read More ]

Leave a Message to the Police

phone message

What do you think a police officer’s outgoing phone message sounds like? [ Read More ]

Wrestling Rib Story [PODCAST]


Sean tells the amazing prank story that takes place in the wrestling industry! It’s a tale to remember… [ Read More ]

Ensure an Insurance


“Do you want to insure this?” asked the clerk at the post office when I handed her my package. [ Read More ]

Break Time Outbreak


During the first week at my new work station, I noticed this sign on the bulletin board: “Starting immediately, your 30-minute breaks are being cut from an hour to 45 minutes.” [ Read More ]

Horrified Eggs


Sick day. I had to eat these eggs really slowly. Gastritis is what it was called, I believe. I had fun while waiting for each bite though. [ Read More ]

See Anything You Like?


Vincy spills something on the kitchen floor and has to get down to clean it up. His wife comes into the room and delivers one heck of a zinger. [ Read More ]