Batman is Coming


I was just hanging around one weekend when I came across this Batman logo in the park. Batman is coming really really soon. I’ll just have to wait for some more. [ Read More ]

Shady Goat


This goat was quite tamed. I whistled for a while until he approached me. It was quite sunny that day so I let him borrow my sunglasses. He sure knows how to rock the shades. [ Read More ]

My Stolen Breakfast


I was inside the house for a second to grab milk when my breakfast became someone else’s breakfast. They’re really fast. [ Read More ]



When I walked in for my ear doctor’s appointment to get my ears cleaned, I had to fill out two sheets of information and I had fun joshing the three gals about this. [ Read More ]

Couch Potato Snowman


It snowed way too early this year. Caught this snowman is just chillin’ in the sofa. [ Read More ]

The Blues Brothers, Dog Edition


Many years ago I was walking down the street with my camera and when I saw these two dogs I snapped the picture and kept walking. I have no idea who the dogs belonged to. [ Read More ]

Just Cleaning


Nope! Nope! We’re not reusing them! They’ve been stocked up in the cabinet for a long time and we’re just cleaning to get rid of the dusts! [ Read More ]