Door Sticks


It’s trying to warm me that the door sticks, bt really the door literally has sticks. Why on Earth?! [ Read More ]

Morning Mayonnaise


This is what happens when you rush to work in the morning. Where is my mind? [ Read More ]

Star Wars Demotion

star wars

Looks like R2D2 got demoted after the Star Wars series. I wonder, where is C3PO? [ Read More ]

The Escaped Toe


Next time you have a hole in your sock, just think of it as your toe trying to break out of sock-prison. It’s like Shawshank Redemption FEET-STYLE! [ Read More ]

Advice Taken


I was about to throw away my V-neck sweater. Too many holes here, there, and everywhere. I should have listened what was written on the tag. [ Read More ]

Gimme All the Leaves


I was walking on a sunny day in Autumn. I can just imagine that he’s inhaling all the leaves in the road. What a job! [ Read More ]

A Winning Smile


When my son was one year old, we decided to have his picture taken by a professional baby photographer.  I selected a very fine photographer, and when we arrived he had my son pose for him in various natural poses.  Fortunately, my son was in an extremely good mood, and it went well. [ Read More ]

Unique Cemetery


We love to visit cemeteries throughout the country (yes, we’re weird like that). [ Read More ]

Presents That Made Me Laugh

diamonds present

November 30, 2013– In the past two weeks, I heard about two hysterical birthday presents. [ Read More ]

Stuck in the Tissue


Someone in the family must have spent too much time doing their thing in the bathroom. Now there’s a clever design on the tissue! [ Read More ]

Smiles For All