TV Side View Mode


This was the scene when I arrived at my friend’s place. Turns out, the TV helps her daughter get sleepy. [ Read More ]

How To Sell A Hot Dog

Hot Dog at Landbrat

Hot dogs may not be the best food in the world for you, however, Landbrot restaurant’s sign certainly made me want to have one.  Not to mention it “brat” me a Milkshake Moment. [ Read More ]

Fun with Turkey Basters

turkey baster

Turkey baster crafts…. This is what we did after dinner. 🙂 [ Read More ]

Gimme All the Leaves


I was walking on a sunny day in Autumn. I can just imagine that he’s inhaling all the leaves in the road. What a job! [ Read More ]

What I Got Last April Fools

april fools

This is what I got last April Fools. I’ll just say it’s the thought that counts. [ Read More ]

What Knot?


I had this huge knot at my office. I can guarantee you it has tons of purpose. It makes a good toy, paperweight, or even a banana stand. [ Read More ]

Horrified Eggs


Sick day. I had to eat these eggs really slowly. Gastritis is what it was called, I believe. I had fun while waiting for each bite though. [ Read More ]

Very Extreme Sports

extreme sports

This is a photo of me in the basement, doing extreme sports. I sometimes wonder, “Which came first, the idea or the hole?” [ Read More ]

Rock Star Snowman

snow man

There is this headless rock star sculpture outside of this Jazz bar in Vologda, Russia. Not until wintertime when it becomes the rock star snowman! [ Read More ]

Teddy Bear Savings


I was at the bank one day when I spotted this bear probably opening his or her savings account. Who says teddy bears can’t get financial security? [ Read More ]

Smiles For All