Daughter’s Hiding Spot


Do you see my daughter here hiding under the furry rag? She thinks no one can ever find her there. [ Read More ]

Fitting Room Problems


While my brother was working in an outlet store, many customers were returning the clothes, saying the pieces had shrunk or felt too tight. [ Read More ]

Meet Betty Jean

hot air balloon

This face belongs to Betty Jean, the world’s first butterfly special shape hot air balloon. Over 120 feet tall with wings over 125 feet long, Betty Jean is one big insect!!! [ Read More ]

Cookie Monster on the Beach

cookie monster

This is Cookie Monster hanging by the beach. My daughter is quite scared of puppets and mascots so I couldn’t approach him to say, “Hi.” But he did wave at everyone passing by. [ Read More ]

It’s a Good Thing My Head is Screwed On

Pad in Fridge

July 5th, 2014– Dear Secret Diary, it’s a good thing my head is screwed on (physically anyway)! [ Read More ]

Snowmen Just Chilling


These snowmen are just chilling on the porch. [ Read More ]

Morning Mayonnaise


This is what happens when you rush to work in the morning. Where is my mind? [ Read More ]

Foot Keyboard


If anyone out there wants to type with their foot or walk with a keyboard here’s what you should get! [ Read More ]

You’re Never Too Old For The Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Between Photoshop, advertising, and constant new dieting fads; it appears that everyone is a bit self-conscious about their looks nowadays.  [ Read More ]

Fire Hydrant in Style

fire hydrant

I found this fire hydrant in Ropetech Adventure Park in Bern, Switzerland. Someone left him sunglasses to keep cool for the hot summer and to stay in style. [ Read More ]