Pipe’s Foot


Of all the pipes I’ve ever seen, these pipes have the best pair of shoes. [ Read More ]

The Hungry Pool Float


Oh no! Keep out of this pool! They starve the floats. [ Read More ]

Big Bird is What?

big bird

My 2 year old son had heard me tell my older kids that most of the actors on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” were dead. Then we found Big Bird’s star… [ Read More ]

Multiple Choice Test: Phone, Insect, All of the Above, Neither?

pay phone 2

January 10, 2015– Dear Secret Diary, the other day, I felt like I was the victim of a multiple choice test. [ Read More ]

The Judge, Letter of Reference From Mom, and My Parking Ticket

Letter of Reference from Mom

If you have tried to park on the streets of New York City, you know that it is a competitive sport.  Kind of like “Musical Chairs,” it always seems like way too many cars for the available spots.  [ Read More ]

Is Your Air Conditioner Dripping?

air conditioner

This is the problematic air conditioner where I work. It drips so THIS is my brilliant solution. No more puddles! [ Read More ]

Dog Driver Found


I was waiting at the airport when I noticed this human body/dog head parking beside me. I guess the Q&A section* has helped a lot of people make their choice. [ Read More ]

The Trick-or-Treating Dogs


Just last Halloween, Mallows, Simi, and Remi had their first trick-or-treating session. They’re my cousin’s dogs. [ Read More ]

What Knot?


I had this huge knot at my office. I can guarantee you it has tons of purpose. It makes a good toy, paperweight, or even a banana stand. [ Read More ]

Is My Boyfriend Cheating on Me?


My boyfriend sent me this picture. I have a feeling he’s cheating on me. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All