What Were They Thinking?!


We snapped this photograph when our son was a 4 month old baby. [ Read More ]

Couch Potato Snowman


It snowed way too early this year. Caught this snowman is just chillin’ in the sofa. [ Read More ]



As a teacher, you often encounter funny and creative answers from your students’ worksheets and tests. Because they know I sometimes merit an extra point for it, they make sure that they give it a shot every single time. [ Read More ]

Calling All Men With Beards

I am neither a Hasid nor a Hipster.  But I do have a beard, so I fully support this sign’s call for unity among our hairy kind. [ Read More ]

The Trick-or-Treating Dogs


Just last Halloween, Mallows, Simi, and Remi had their first trick-or-treating session. They’re my cousin’s dogs. [ Read More ]

Never Wear a Pair of Socks More Than Once


My husband, Rodger, was forever saying, “If I win the lottery, I will never wear a pair of socks more than once.” [ Read More ]

Crab Table Manners


Some say you shouldn’t eat with your hands, so this crab uses the appropriate utensils. [ Read More ]

Fishing the Moon


This photo that was taken around the early 2000’s shows humanity at its attempt of fishing the moon. [ Read More ]

I Think I Saw Him on TV


We all love public toilets. I was reminded of that funny cartoon when I entered this one. [ Read More ]

A Very Flexible Waitress

Attack Waitress

February 28, 2015– Dear Secret Diary, some time ago, I was in a coffee shop that featured the accompanying “Attack Waitress” sign.     [ Read More ]