The New Meaning to Road Block


I found this random block walking the streets. Did his Tetris friends leave him behind? [ Read More ]

Car Delivery


Road trip! I think this car is having its own road trip as well. [ Read More ]

Office Chair Wheel Replacement


This false wheel works on my office chair but I certainly do miss spinning in circles and gliding with it through stations after stations. [ Read More ]

Meme Plate Collection


Visiting one of my student’s home for tutoring brought me to this internet meme plate collections. Quite a sight, I would say. [ Read More ]

Teddy Bear Savings


I was at the bank one day when I spotted this bear probably opening his or her savings account. Who says teddy bears can’t get financial security? [ Read More ]

A Fair Share of Cheese


We had a frozen pizza defect. We all know that each family member has an equal right to cheese consumption, so here’s my solution. Problem solved! [ Read More ]

Temporary Parents


I’m thinking this kid’s parents left him to the temporary parents while they went shopping. [ Read More ]

My Cat Professor


No one believed that I used to have a cat professor in college. This is always my proof to them. [ Read More ]

Say No to Rugs

Spotted at the wall of a floor-tile store: “Just say no to rugs.” [ Read More ]

Fastest Luggage Travel


We encountered this on our way home from the airport. Now that’s a fast way to travel with luggage! [ Read More ]