Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched?  The picture taken was of an optometrist’s window display. [ Read More ]


The Big Milkshake and His Parents

Dear Diary– I am sure it must be hard for my parents that I chose for www.SmilesForAll.com a Nom de Plume, namely The Big Milkshake.  But I definitely think it is better than the new name they subsequently chose for me, “Former Son.” [ Read More ]

A Confusing Fortune (Cookie)

I eat Chinese food from the take out place down the street probably once a week. The other week, my roommate and I both got fortune cookies, but he didn’t want his so I opened both of them.  Upon reading the fortunes inside, only one question remained: where to look first? [ Read More ]

I Think I Saw Him on TV


We all love public toilets. I was reminded of that funny cartoon when I entered this one. [ Read More ]

Flushing Caution


I was in Belebey, Russia when I found this hilarious caution on the toilet seat cover of the hotel I stayed at. [ Read More ]

Star Wars Demotion

star wars

Looks like R2D2 got demoted after the Star Wars series. I wonder, where is C3PO? [ Read More ]

No Surgery Required


I thought I would share this advertisement that made me smile! I pass it on my way to work. It reads, “Charlie’s Cleaners. We remove wrinkles without surgery.” [ Read More ]

Whopping Strawberry


If there’s a king of all strawberries, this has got to be it. [ Read More ]

A Friendly Notice


So there’s a new baby in town. My neighbor’s son has something to say. Courtesy of his dad. [ Read More ]

Strange Dryer Instructions


I’m always leaving my kids, pets and foreign objects in the dryer. [ Read More ]

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