Naturally Gifted Runner


I have never been much of a long distance runner… actually it was safe to say I hated running. But when I used my husband’s tech device to track my runs I started thinking, ‘Wow, I may be a naturally gifted runner!’ [ Read More ]

How to Ruin a Family Road Trip

road trip

The real definition of road trip? An intentional lengthening of vacation’s worst part. It doesn’t make sense. Faster transportation is available. [ Read More ]

Dog Stick Block


Our dog, Oreo, couldn’t find the way inside. [ Read More ]

The Wrong Jordan

michael jordan

I have a friend who works for a corporation that sometimes lets me know when there are interesting things in sports and entertainment happening with his company. [ Read More ]

Sound Asleep

car keys

A man locks his keys in the car and goes on the journey of a lifetime to wake up his wife to let him in the house. [ Read More ]

Love Leaves Us Breathless [PODCAST]


Shelley tells the funny true story of the time she devotedly sat by her husband while he was in the hospital… leaving him breathless (with love)! [ Read More ]

The Low Down on the Roll Down

Any woman of size, (to use the politically correct term), will tell you to never, under any circumstances, wear new underwear when going out in public. Especially if said underwear are the lacy, semi-boy-cut style. [ Read More ]

My Mom Sells Drugs

My little brother was very excited about school when he was in kindergarden.  They played all sorts of fun games, did messy crafts, and got to know the other kids by talking about their families, pets, friends, etc. [ Read More ]

Let’s Get to that Tree Branch


This is a tree in the back of our new house. The professional tree cutter has an obscure way for reaching the top. [ Read More ]

I’m Going to be Batman

Despite his injury, Ryan manages to keep his family’s spirits high by getting everyone laughing! [ Read More ]

Smiles For All