Window Exit


When my window cleaner called for payment, I thanked him and, much to his surprise, asked if he’d used the upstairs bathroom during his visit. [ Read More ]

The Court Transcriber

When my daughter Ruth was still living with us before she married, her girlfriend, Cynthia, would visit at times. She tried to talk my wife, Gloria, into switching jobs. [ Read More ]

The Hungry Pool Float


Oh no! Keep out of this pool! They starve the floats. [ Read More ]

I’m Going to be Batman

Despite his injury, Ryan manages to keep his family’s spirits high by getting everyone laughing! [ Read More ]

Digging Myself in a Little Deeper Each Day [PODCAST]


Shelley tells a few stories that take place during a funeral. Although a somber time, small moments like these can always spread a smile. [ Read More ]

Thanks [VIDEO]

Leah remembers a fellow classmate from school who would copy her math work. Does Leah tell on him? Does he get in trouble? Find out in this funny true story! [ Read More ]

Memory Lapse Triggers Hunt for Milk and Eggs


Either my memory is failing or my brain is overtaxed. I suffer from CRS syndrome – Can’t Remember Squat. My wife, Hun, points this out with ease. [ Read More ]

What’s Keeping Me in the Bathroom


This is what has kept me in the bathroom. The photo was about 5 years ago until I decided to get rid of it. I always run late at my errands because of it. It was fun though. [ Read More ]

Worst Sibling Blame Ever


As a mother of four children, most weekday mornings are harried and rather crazy. On this particular day, I was upstairs making sure my two older children were brushing their teeth properly, while also holding my two year old. [ Read More ]

Road Scholar


My son, an avid four-wheel-drive enthusiast, was in my garage putting a suspension lift and big tires on his car, a 1979 Chevy Blazer. [ Read More ]