Emergency Candle


My husband surprised me with a cake he baked himself on my birthday. He just forget to buy one crucial thing. The candle! [ Read More ]

Sound Asleep

car keys

A man locks his keys in the car and goes on the journey of a lifetime to wake up his wife to let him in the house. [ Read More ]

Beware of Autopilot Mode When Answering the Phone


Everyone has a standard greeting they use when answering the phone at work and mine has always been, “Good morning, Name of Company/Department, Melanie speaking.” [ Read More ]

Go Green

Is the toilet to short? Too tall? Whatever it is, this plumber is driven to get it to the right height for his wife. [ Read More ]

My Grandpa’s Xylophone [PODCAST]


Susan Evind shares the story of how her grandfather escaped San Francisco’s Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906.  Don’t worry, he made it home… but did his xylophone? [ Read More ]

Q&A Tuesday*: Why Do Superheroes Wear Their Underpants Outside?


Today on Q&A Tuesday, Mr. Danshov asks: [ Read More ]

Memory Lapse Triggers Hunt for Milk and Eggs


Either my memory is failing or my brain is overtaxed. I suffer from CRS syndrome – Can’t Remember Squat. My wife, Hun, points this out with ease. [ Read More ]

Not So Swift Intern


Working as an intern when I graduated in law, I can be honest that I wasn’t very swift back then. [ Read More ]

Hayrides and Mudslides

As a child, my family and I would take trips out to a farm to a pick pumpkins and ride a spooky hayride. One year I learned a valuable lesson about keeping my hands in the vehicle at all times. [ Read More ]

Sneak Peek, A Birthday Surprise


Birthdays are a big deal in my family. The tradition for a child’s birthday is to go to lunch at a kid friendly restaurant in town. [ Read More ]