Mom’s Cure For The Common Cold [PODCAST]

herbal remedy

Shelley shares a funny true story about an herbal remedy her mom recommended to her after she experienced a series of colds.   [ Read More ]

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation-Popcorn, Kool Aid, and Peanut Butter

My parents are 100% Polish and had a lot of family in Poland.  In the 1970s, my dad was in close correspondence with them via letter. At that time, Poland was under communist rule, so my dad’s family did not have much. My dad wanted to send them a package that was small and compact, … [ Read More ]

Mrs. Robinson


It was the early seventies and my sister, Mary, was teaching at Yale University.  She had just received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and agreed to stay on to teach in the program.  Not long after she started teaching, Mary met a woman who would go on to become one of her closest peers … [ Read More ]

Comcardivone, Admiral Johnson [PODCAST]


As a child, Billy always looked up to his neighbor, Admiral Johnson.  So one day he tries to impress him in the true, navy way! [ Read More ]

Leaving a Bad Driving Impression


At the grocery store, I happened to grab a shopping cart with a skewed wheel. This caused me endless difficulty as I struggled up and down the aisles. [ Read More ]

The Wrong Jordan

michael jordan

I have a friend who works for a corporation that sometimes lets me know when there are interesting things in sports and entertainment happening with his company. [ Read More ]

Zinged By My Family, Episode 4: I am a Connoisseur


July 19, 2014: Dear Secret Diary, I made a ridiculously obvious statement in a recent conversation with my son that engendered the following exchange. [ Read More ]

The Milk


I always loved doing chores that included going to the market. The only problem? I’d always forget to wait for the change. [ Read More ]

Pranking Who [PODCAST]


Pia tells the story of a prank war she and her friends had in college. Did she come out on top? [ Read More ]

Sneak Peek [PODCAST]


Chanelle tells the hilarious story of having to care for so many kids during a birthday party. Let’s not give anything away, but there was a mishap or two. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All