My First Sleep Over

You never forget firsts. My first time riding a bike, my first time putting my head underwater (my dad bought me ribs and curly q french fries for that), my first kiss, and- last but not least- my first sleep over. [ Read More ]

Voice Mail Fail

voice mail

Working from home, my husband needs a professional sounding voice-mail greeting so everyone will know he’s hard at work. [ Read More ]

The Most Dangerous Costume


My middle school self was awkward to the extreme: owl glasses, a bowl cut (I was a serious tomboy), and an unfathomable desire to be in every school play. [ Read More ]

The Desperate Romantic Gestures of a 7th Grader

teen romance

Why is it called teen romance when it should really be called teen embarrassment?! [ Read More ]

Behavior Report


A young girl can’t fathom her mother’s reaction to her bad behavior report. What will she say?! [ Read More ]

Comic Genius Grandson


My grandson, in his attempts of being a comic genius, gave me this cup of “T”ea. I think I forgot to tell him that I always prefer coffee. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All