Good Boy [VIDEO]


Zach wanted to be like the bad kids.  But he didn’t want it that bad. [ Read More ]

Painting a Mural


I was deeply engrossed in my work, painting a mural on the waiting room wall of the local children’s hospital, when I became aware of a little girl, about four, staring up at me in total amazement. [ Read More ]

If You Can Play, Play. If You Can’t, Wing It Anyway


It’s real easy to get a bus full of kids even more freaked out on the way to their big basketball game. [ Read More ]

A Child’s Chivalry


“Ladies first” has been a phrase we have used determine to which of our boy/girl twins gets to do things first for quite a while. For instance, when I’ve been doing their hair and brushing their teeth in the morning, “Ladies first.” Or when I give them a snack, “Ladies first.” [ Read More ]

Being Pranked In The Pool


I have a really funny friend named Cahya. One day, he asked me and some of my friends to go swimming in a hotel. Of course, we said yes. After we arrived at the pool, he excitedly jumped to the pool and laughed. The thing was, it turned out that he couldn’t swim at all. … [ Read More ]

How I Learned to Stop Fighting and Love My Brother

Emily and Her Brother

I will admit that there was a time in my life when I hated my brothers. Especially, my older brother. Zach. [ Read More ]

Valerie and Her Super Glasses [PODCAST]


Mary Ann tells the story of trying to get her daughter, Valerie, to wear glasses. Does Valerie embrace her new life in spectacles? [ Read More ]

Flavorless Rebellion


A young girl isn’t having too much fun at church so she decides to rebel (or at least her version of rebellion). [ Read More ]

Voice Mail Fail

voice mail

Working from home, my husband needs a professional sounding voice-mail greeting so everyone will know he’s hard at work. [ Read More ]

When I Was Taller – A Parent’s Story


Many years ago, I was leaving the pediatrician’s office with one of my sons. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All