You Got the Job [Podcast]


Erin tells the story of her family and their history with the arts. Some cousins were pushed into auditioning for an acting job or two, but did anyone get it? [ Read More ]

The Wrong Car


It had been a hard day at school. I had moped my way through English, been shouted at in Math and doodled in Geography. [ Read More ]

Cookie Monster on the Beach

cookie monster

This is Cookie Monster hanging by the beach. My daughter is quite scared of puppets and mascots so I couldn’t approach him to say, “Hi.” But he did wave at everyone passing by. [ Read More ]

Brother Ink Reload


When my younger brother was about to surprise our father on his birthday with a letter, this is what he wrote. [ Read More ]

Naked Statue [PODCAST]

naked statue

A little girl giggles at all the naked statues in the fancy restaurant where JD waiters. Why are they all naked? [ Read More ]

Don’t Mess With Toys [VIDEO]

Caleb tells the story of his childhood relationship with several toys. Did he play fair? Or did he play by his own rules? [ Read More ]

Grown Kids


I bound down the stairs of our hotel in Mexico after eight long hours on a plane from Seattle. I’m dying to feel a hot sun on a warm beach, rarities in the Pacific Northwest… [ Read More ]

Please Pass The Soda!


On a weekend trip to visit my brother, we were invited to attend a 15th birthday party at his friend’s house. My son (age 14) was thirsty, so I told him to get some lemonade from the table set up for drinks. When he came back, he complained of it tasting like grapefruit… [ Read More ]

The Broken Table [VIDEO]

Adaeze tells the funny true story about her time in boarding school, facing punishment for a table she didn’t even break! But she knows who did… [ Read More ]

Early Riser [VIDEO]

Mikey tells the story of waking up early every morning as a kid. But one morning, his entire family goes missing? Where did they go?! [ Read More ]

Smiles For All