The Fallen Stock of Pokemon Cards


Like many preteen children, I had my fair share of silly fads while growing up. Yo-Yo’s, Jynco jeans, legos, and gelled hair were among my obsessions. None however stung me as bad as the Pokemon card bug. [ Read More ]

Ryan Loves Dogs


Ryan fell in love, and asleep, with his new puppy dogs. He’s such an animal-lover! [ Read More ]

Tippy Canoe


When I was in high school many years ago, I decided to join the Boy Scouts. I didn’t have any real reason to do so; it was just something to do. [ Read More ]

Little League Blues

little league

Don’t ask me why I decided to manage a Little League baseball team. That’s a question I have to take up with my psychiatrist. [ Read More ]

Comcardivone, Admiral Johnson [PODCAST]


As a child, Billy always looked up to his neighbor, Admiral Johnson.  So one day he tries to impress him in the true, navy way! [ Read More ]

Keen Observations


While driving along on a sunny day with my young granddaughter by my side, I felt like I was on top of the world. [ Read More ]

Pay-Off Time

bottle caps

Back in the 40’s, on the West Side of Chicago, teenagers didn’t have much of an income stream. One day I heard a rumor that the local Coca-Cola bottling plant was buying bottle caps in bulk. How many caps does it take to make a pound? I was soon to find out. [ Read More ]

Big Bird is What?

big bird

My 2 year old son had heard me tell my older kids that most of the actors on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” were dead. Then we found Big Bird’s star… [ Read More ]

Bat Snow Man

snow man

This photo is of my grandson’s very own Bat Snow Man. This was taken 6 years ago. This is just one of the proofs that Christmas time is Batman time. [ Read More ]

Nimble Sarah


To keep their active three-year-old daughter away from a busy road, my brother and sister-in-law decided to put a gate across the driveway. After working over three weekends on the gate project, my brother Antonio was ready to attach the lock to complete the job. [ Read More ]