What is THAT?!


The photo was taken during vacation last December at Venice Beach, CA. This is my eldest son’s reaction to his very first sighting of beached seaweed.  He hasn’t been able to eat nori ever since. [ Read More ]

A Kid Teaching Kids


My mother worked at a day care teaching and taking care of 2 and 3 year olds and I had nothing to do so I joined her. I thought this would be a piece of cake but boy, was I wrong. [ Read More ]

Painting Faces to Paint Walls [VIDEO]

Emily Tomasik tells a funny true story of a job she had face painting for a family company Christmas party. Told at Smiles For All Live!, a storytelling show. [ Read More ]

The Lost Tooth


With your first child, every event is momentous. Case and point- losing their first tooth. I was so excited I nearly cried. [ Read More ]

Nurse Ivy


My son needed surgery due to an unfortunate tricycle accident. Upon our return home, we were to give him pain medication. The second evening, I was dosing out his medicine. My son approached me and commented, “I like it better when Ivy gives me my medicine.” [ Read More ]

TV Side View Mode


This was the scene when I arrived at my friend’s place. Turns out, the TV helps her daughter get sleepy. [ Read More ]

Getting Ripped: Day One

weight lifting

When I was fourteen I decided, like so many budding athletes, to take up weight lifting. [ Read More ]

Big Fun in the Little Leagues


It’s 5:45am on a Saturday. I’m standing in the center of an ice rink, wearing black nylon pants and a black-and-white striped shirt, the attire worn by all Little League referees in our town. [ Read More ]

Dressed For The Occasion

It was one of those days. It didn’t help that it was rainy and cold. I was frantically trying to get the kids out of the house on time, to do kindergarten drop off, and my three-year-old was not co-operating. [ Read More ]

The Mustard and The Door


Jenn and I are as close as can be having reached our mutual adulthood, but practically from birth and up into our high-school years, this was not the case. This is the story of how we finally bonded. [ Read More ]