The Booger Monster


Being a mother of four, I have become a self proclaimed “Super Mom.” Like the brave and heroic man of steel, I have battled plugged toilets, flu season, vomit, poo, and pretty much any other occurrence a child can produce. [ Read More ]

The Baseball Cards [VIDEO]

The Big Milkshake had a habit of getting into trouble as a boy and having his baseball cards taken away. What are the ways for him to get those cards back? Behaving certainly isn’t an option! [ Read More ]

Not So Genius Idea


I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. It can make you look totally awesome. Hello, pumpkin-shaped cake for my daughter’s Halloween party. I got a lot of likes on that one. But it can also make you feel like a total idiot; ike the travel pillows for the car that fell apart and turned into … [ Read More ]

My First Beard


One year when I was a kid, we were putting on a production of Cinderella. I had a supporting role as a Duke; not a terribly important part, but it gave me the chance to wear fake whiskers, at least (At 15, that counted for a lot!). [ Read More ]

You Got the Job [Podcast]


Erin tells the story of her family and their history with the arts. Some cousins were pushed into auditioning for an acting job or two, but did anyone get it? [ Read More ]

Playing Checkers


When we were teenagers, we played checkers when the weather was bad. Since our winters were usually quite brutal, we played all the time. Slowly I improved my play, especially when I started to study books on the subject. I even attempted to play blindfolded but found it much too difficult. [ Read More ]

The Chicken Game


As a child, young Patrick and his friends would play The Chicken Game. It was a search for money that could end in riches… or in tears. [ Read More ]

Pay-Off Time

bottle caps

Back in the 40’s, on the West Side of Chicago, teenagers didn’t have much of an income stream. One day I heard a rumor that the local Coca-Cola bottling plant was buying bottle caps in bulk. How many caps does it take to make a pound? I was soon to find out. [ Read More ]

Valerie and Her Super Glasses [PODCAST]


Mary Ann tells the story of trying to get her daughter, Valerie, to wear glasses. Does Valerie embrace her new life in spectacles? [ Read More ]

Best Bike Ride Ever


I could never stay out of trouble when I was a kid. I was constantly tinkering with radios, lawn mowers, or whatever was held together with screws. I loved taking things apart to see how they worked. Unfortunately, like the guy who smacks bulls, I had to learn the hard way how many of my … [ Read More ]

Smiles For All