The Booger Monster


Being a mother of four, I have become a self proclaimed “Super Mom.” Like the brave and heroic man of steel, I have battled plugged toilets, flu season, vomit, poo, and pretty much any other occurrence a child can produce. [ Read More ]

Gracefully Aging


As my 40th birthday approached, my husband, who is a year younger, was doing his best to rub it in that I was aging. [ Read More ]

His First Friend is a Cat


I believe that our cat helped our youngest son learn how to walk. [ Read More ]

Why Won’t She Talk? [PODCAST]


Jessica learns how to talk very early in life, but all of a sudden stops one day.  Why? [ Read More ]

Daughter has Brains


Obviously, my daughter has brains and she’s using it as her strategy. [ Read More ]

How Many Girls


Right after high school I got a job in a daycare helping take care of 5-6 year old kids. The job was an exhausting 9-7 but some moments with these kids made everything worthwhile. [ Read More ]

The Ghosts


As kids, we all had bands, teams, and clubs with fun names. But The Ghosts, they were everything. Air band, kickball team, and general group of youngsters. [ Read More ]

The Best Defense [VIDEO]

The Big Milkshake remembers the time he was in a sparring match that inadvertently went well for him. Was it his offense? His defense? How did he win? [ Read More ]

My Love Story in a Nutshell


I had proposed to a neighborhood boy when I was little. But he teased me by telling everyone about it for the next 6 years of elementary school. [ Read More ]

A Winning Smile


When my son was one year old, we decided to have his picture taken by a professional baby photographer.  I selected a very fine photographer, and when we arrived he had my son pose for him in various natural poses.  Fortunately, my son was in an extremely good mood, and it went well. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All