Just in Case They Wanted to Call [PODCAST]


Pia and her kids travel Canada! But upon visiting a cemetery, Pia realizes she might have some explaining to do to her children. [ Read More ]

Career Path [PODCAST]


Randi tries to encourage her 4 and a half year old son to aspire to whatever career he so desires.  He could do WHATEVER he wants! But her son already had a plan for his career path… [ Read More ]

Warm Thoughts


This morning was another extremely cold start to the school week here in Wisconsin. [ Read More ]

When I Was Taller – A Parent’s Story


Many years ago, I was leaving the pediatrician’s office with one of my sons. [ Read More ]

The Swim Race [VIDEO]

Sandi Marx tells the hilarious story of a swim race that she didn’t quite feel ready for. She may have lost but her daughters being there made her a winner. [ Read More ]

The Greatest 3/4ths of a Gift


One of my best friends growing up was my next-door neighbor, who’s name also happened to be Emily.  We did everything together, from camping in our backyard, to watching Mary Kate and Ashley movies, to making up dances to DREAM’s one-hit wonder, “He Loves U Not.” [ Read More ]

Goodbye Cone, Hungry, Teacher


It’s been said that, “All good things must come to an end.” [ Read More ]

Daddy or Cake


At two years old, my daughter Samantha is absolutely in love with her daddy. Her eyes light up when she sees him and he will openly admit to everyone that she has him wrapped around her finger. [ Read More ]

Shopping Cart Theater

shopping cart

It’s great to see these kids busy in their shopping carts and not bugging their moms and dads at the grocery store. [ Read More ]

Hailey’s Big Sister


One of the parents along my bus route always greeted her 5-year-old daughter, Hailey, at the foot of the driveway where I dropped her off. One day, we arrived a little early so I wasn’t surprised that the mom was not yet outside. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All