Tax Relief Day

tax relief day

I wanted to use up that $2 credit I had for Dunkin Donuts at the store a few doors away. Don’t ask me how I got it, all I know was that it was in my wallet. I ordered a coffee and the cashier told me it was Tax Relief Day. [ Read More ]

Foot on the Dinner Table


It must have been 1989. I was a child, no more than 5 years old. We sat around the dinner table enjoying a family dinner. [ Read More ]

Flavorless Rebellion [PODCAST]

A young girl isn’t having too much fun at church so she decides to rebel (or at least her version of rebellion). [ Read More ]

Who’s Bringin’ the Beano?

I have a similar story to the Anacin story posted on this website.  Prior to meeting my husband, Jim, he was invited to a dinner party where everyone was asked to bring something. He was asked to bring the “Beano” and dessert. My husband thought this was odd, but just assumed someone was bringing a … [ Read More ]

Please Pass The Soda!


On a weekend trip to visit my brother, we were invited to attend a 15th birthday party at his friend’s house. My son (age 14) was thirsty, so I told him to get some lemonade from the table set up for drinks. When he came back, he complained of it tasting like grapefruit… [ Read More ]

Chips Made For Superman


It’s always good to know the chips you’re eating don’t contain Kryptonite. Especially when you’re Superman which… I am. [ Read More ]

Leaving a Bad Driving Impression


At the grocery store, I happened to grab a shopping cart with a skewed wheel. This caused me endless difficulty as I struggled up and down the aisles. [ Read More ]

My Stolen Breakfast


I was inside the house for a second to grab milk when my breakfast became someone else’s breakfast. They’re really fast. [ Read More ]

Get Healthy: Beet Yourself Up!


That is, of course, not a typo in the title.  If you missed the misspelling, don’t get too down on yourself.  Reach for a beet!  [ Read More ]

A Confusing Fortune (Cookie)

I eat Chinese food from the take out place down the street probably once a week. The other week, my roommate and I both got fortune cookies, but he didn’t want his so I opened both of them.  Upon reading the fortunes inside, only one question remained: where to look first? [ Read More ]