Why Carol Doesn’t Cook


Now first it is important to let you know that I am not known for my expertise in the kitchen. I am more known for not being relied on if one is looking for a home-cooked meal. Being from Long Island, perhaps the joke about Jewish girls making reservations as a means of preparing dinner was … [ Read More ]

The Perfect Picture


When the kids were pre-teenagers we decided to go to CA to visit Disneyworld and Marineland.  We were sitting in the stands watching the porpoises do their thing when a unique picture opportunity presented itself.  Fortunately, I had my Nikon with me, so I ended up capturing this incredibly funny picture. [ Read More ]

Snacks Around the World


When traveling you might have noticed the exotic flavors for everyday snacks. This is a collection of photos of the delicious/unusual new foods. [ Read More ]

The Queen Of Kool-Aid


My son, Chuck, was eleven and my daughter, Ruth, was nine at the time. Chuck approached me one day with a serious look on his face. [ Read More ]

The Perfect Tomato


My mother-in-law, Fay, was one of a kind. Diminutive, 5’-1, 95 pounds, but she had a steely resolve and a wonderful sense of humor. One day she phoned and asked if I could take her to the supermarket, she needed a tomato. [ Read More ]

Down The Hatch…


“Ew, you ate what?” It’s a virtual certainty. Go to a foreign country and eat the typical fare, and you’re bound to disgust somebody with your choices. [ Read More ]

Comparing the Same Cheesecakes


My nephew, Jimmy, opened a new restaurant in a mall, and on opening day I helped out in the kitchen. By mid-morning, I notice we hadn’t gotten our delivery of cheesecakes. [ Read More ]

Who’s Bringin’ the Beano?

I have a similar story to the Anacin story posted on this website.  Prior to meeting my husband, Jim, he was invited to a dinner party where everyone was asked to bring something. He was asked to bring the “Beano” and dessert. My husband thought this was odd, but just assumed someone was bringing a … [ Read More ]

Just Desserts


When my extended family comes over for dinner, they tend to “dine and dash” right after the meal has ended. At this year’s Memorial Day BBQ, the dessert spoke for itself. [ Read More ]

The Carrot In History


Who knew about the carrot’s long and fruitful history? [ Read More ]