Overtime Grandpa


My family, who are all big-time sports fans, was watching the NBA finals with our grandchildren. I had just turned 55 and was feeling a little wistful. [ Read More ]

It’s a Crime!


Teenaged Phil just wanted a car. But one thing leads to another and before you know it, young Phil is involved in a half-hazard crime spree (or more of a silly-mistakes spree). [ Read More ]

Dear Dad, How Could You?!

Happy Father’s Day, Papa! I’ve got a present for you that I think you’ll like. Remember that time you did that embarrassing thing? I FORGIVE YOU! [ Read More ]

A Toast


Thanksgiving is a pretty straightforward holiday, right? But I was quite confused. This occasion was missing something I had been promised. The meal was satisfying, but I had been hyped up for something I had not seen amongst all the holiday goodies. I had questions! So, like my dad, I tapped my spoon on the side of my glass to get everyone’s attention. [ Read More ]

YOU Love Him


My son and daughter were causing a commotion. My husband found out about this, and tried to stop it. [ Read More ]



A grown man ordering a toy at a fast food drive thru is totally normal, right? [ Read More ]

Early Riser [VIDEO]

Mikey tells the story of waking up early every morning as a kid. But one morning, his entire family goes missing? Where did they go?! [ Read More ]

How To Make Customer Service Interactions More Fun, Part II

© Corot2 | Dreamstime.com - How Can We Help You Sign Photo

December 6. 2014– Dear Secret Diary, continuing last week’s discussion on how to add fun and spice to customer service interactions, I thought I’d share some more of my favorite responses to, “How can I help you?”    [ Read More ]

Driving in Circles


We all remember our first driving lesson. Jerry takes a moment to think back to his first time taking the wheel. [ Read More ]

The Real Life Ferris Bueller

ferris bueller

There is no doubt in my mind that my brother is the real-life version of Ferris Bueller. No matter what he does, Brad somehow ends up smelling like roses at the end of every story. This isn’t just some lucky streak either. Brad has always been like this. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All