Find the Fish [PODCAST]


Mary tells the story of getting a pet fish for her son. The only catch, he has to find it first. [ Read More ]

Irony Wears a Black Hat [PODCAST]


Chanelle tells the story of her sisters and mother getting the chance to dance with a man in a black hat. How did that happen? Take a listen and find out! [ Read More ]

Early Riser

When I was a kid I loved getting up early. One morning I woke up at 6:30 AM. I walked down the hallway towards the kitchen but noticed something strange… [ Read More ]



When I was growing up, my mother was always interested in socially “bettering” our family. To that end, she insisted that my dad and I join her in becoming members of a local golf club. [ Read More ]

What, No Chocolate?!?


I’m addicted. Always have been, always will be: I think “chocolate” may have been the first word that passed through my lips. [ Read More ]

The Show Must Go On

home birth

When my wife Dolly and I learned we were going to become parents, we chose home birth. [ Read More ]

Score One For The Little Guy


My dad always used to play pranks on me as a kid. One day, I found the perfect opportunity to get him back. [ Read More ]

Message From Mom? Advice?

Hi Mom!

One day, I opened my e-mail, and I found this message from mom, or Ice-cream as I renamed her. Perhaps many of you have seen what my mom sent me, or some variant.  But what was particularly unusual about the e-mail is that my mom NEVER sends emails like this.  Lots of emails about fun … [ Read More ]

Read The Sign On The Door First [PODCAST]


Leanna tells a funny true story about going to the bathroom at a car dealership. What’s strange about this particular bathroom? [ Read More ]

Mommy’s Gold Star


I went along with my sister to my niece’s school. They had performed an endearing play about the planets orbiting the “big, golden Sun.” [ Read More ]

Smiles For All