Missed Communication [VIDEO]

Leah tells a story about giving her number to a bartender soon after a break up. Does he call her? Do they live happily ever after? Does she even use her real number?? [ Read More ]

Windy Wig [PODCAST]


Some people worry about losing their hair when they get older.  But in this story Diane’s mom really LOSES her hair.  Listen to her reminisce about her mother’s runaway wig chase! [ Read More ]

Learning the Hard Way


I recently saw an ad for an insurance company. In the clip a parent ran behind a young boy, who was learning to ride a bicycle. The parent let the grinning, helmeted tyke go and he pedaled away with a huge smile on his face. [ Read More ]

The Missing Goldfish Mystery


It all began one hot, summer morning as we were getting ready for a day at the local water slide park. [ Read More ]

Life Hack Ironing

life hack

This is my son showing me how he ironed his clothes in his first week in college. He’d boil a pot of water in a microwave and use it just like a normal iron. Now that’s a life hack. [ Read More ]

Free Samples!


A picture of our dinner “that” Sunday. I usually cook for the family’s evening meal every Sunday and there’s this one night when I was reduced to using sliced ham and luncheon meat due to lack of preparation and scarce time. [ Read More ]

How To Make Customer Service Interactions More Fun, Part II

© Corot2 | Dreamstime.com - How Can We Help You Sign Photo

December 6. 2014– Dear Secret Diary, continuing last week’s discussion on how to add fun and spice to customer service interactions, I thought I’d share some more of my favorite responses to, “How can I help you?”    [ Read More ]

The Perfect Balancing Act

Have you heard of Nik Wallenda?  He is a 7th generation stunt man who grew up in a family of entertainers.  About a year ago he walked across the Niagara Falls on a tight rope at night!  It was bound to be an exciting, horrifying, and exhilarating evening. [ Read More ]

The Chicken Game


As a child, young Patrick and his friends would play The Chicken Game. It was a search for money that could end in riches… or in tears. [ Read More ]

“Sleep Deprived Parents”

Ever since my wife and I became parents we have been thinking about forming a band and calling it “Sleep Deprived Parents”. [ Read More ]