The Day Lisa Learned to Brush Her Teeth

My daughter Lisa hated brushing her teeth. She didn’t like the taste of toothpaste in her mouth and she found it a bother to brush her teeth every after meal. [ Read More ]

Household Open Door Policy


Privacy issues. You’ve been through them and I could tell that you’re really starting to grow up when privacy has become one of your main concerned. Let me show you the how and why. [ Read More ]

Dad vs Silent Mode [PODCAST]


Pia tells the story about her parents and their unfortunate (but humorous) struggle with technology! [ Read More ]

Sneak Peek, A Birthday Surprise


Birthdays are a big deal in my family. The tradition for a child’s birthday is to go to lunch at a kid friendly restaurant in town. [ Read More ]

My Game of Tennis: One Male and One Female Perspective

Coming home from tennis

Men and women can be quite different. [ Read More ]

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation-Popcorn, Kool Aid, and Peanut Butter

My parents are 100% Polish and had a lot of family in Poland.  In the 1970s, my dad was in close correspondence with them via letter. At that time, Poland was under communist rule, so my dad’s family did not have much. My dad wanted to send them a package that was small and compact, … [ Read More ]

Mom’s Cure For The Common Cold [PODCAST]

herbal remedy

Shelley shares a funny true story about an herbal remedy her mom recommended to her after she experienced a series of colds.   [ Read More ]

Danny’s Father is Safe


Along with some policemen, we had just finished my presentation to my young students on “Street safety.” [ Read More ]

A Bug Story [PODCAST]


Diane is walking in the park with her grandson, when he gives her a little lesson on bugs.  A true grandmama moment! [ Read More ]

Driving in Circles


We all remember our first driving lesson. Jerry takes a moment to think back to his first time taking the wheel. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All