Say It With Flowers!


Phil plans on presenting flowers to his daughter for her graduation. But such a simple task gradually turns into the most complex task yet! [ Read More ]

Dad in [Mid-life] Crisis

My father’s midlife crisis missed all the typical marks. There was no Rogaine, no convertible, and unfortunately for me, no round-the-world family vacation. His path to middle age can be summed up in four words: “I’m taking trumpet lessons.” [ Read More ]

Two Dollar Bill [PODCAST]

two dollar bill

Shelley tells some funny stories involving family, children, and most of all, the confusion over the mysterious two dollar bill! [ Read More ]

A Leak That Lasts A Lifetime


When I was around 7, my dad gained chocolate chip cookie points from my mom by fixing a leak in the loft quickly and without grumbling. All was well… until almost a decade later, when the ceiling began to drip again. [ Read More ]

Watching What Grandpa Likes


Whenever I visit the in-laws, I usually end up hanging out with Grandpa. We get along well and he’s pretty vibrant and active for someone we believed to be around 85. Not one’s really quite sure. [ Read More ]

The Smoke Alarm That Never Ends


How would you do living in a house with a never-ending smoke alarm? And what if that smoke alarm was also your pet? [ Read More ]

Dog vs Sister

Growing up my family always had dogs and we treated them as true members of the family. [ Read More ]

God’s Love in a Rainbow


On a beautiful day, we as a family decided to drive down the freeway to one of our favorite burger joint in the next town. [ Read More ]

Daddy or Cake


At two years old, my daughter Samantha is absolutely in love with her daddy. Her eyes light up when she sees him and he will openly admit to everyone that she has him wrapped around her finger. [ Read More ]

How I Learned to Stop Fighting and Love My Brother

Emily and Her Brother

I will admit that there was a time in my life when I hated my brothers. Especially, my older brother. Zach. [ Read More ]