Why Didn’t I Think Of That?


One Saturday afternoon, my husband and I went to go visit our one-and-a-half year old niece. I was trying to get her to eat, but nothing was working. Enter: my husband, with a perfectly simple plan that worked (at first). [ Read More ]

Stuck in the Tissue


Someone in the family must have spent too much time doing their thing in the bathroom. Now there’s a clever design on the tissue! [ Read More ]

Free Samples!


A picture of our dinner “that” Sunday. I usually cook for the family’s evening meal every Sunday and there’s this one night when I was reduced to using sliced ham and luncheon meat due to lack of preparation and scarce time. [ Read More ]

Sweet (and Sour) Potatoes


For some reason, my twins love acting like they’re babies. Perhaps it’s because they have a six month baby brother or perhaps like most adults, we wish for the days when we were younger. Either way, they have become quite skilled. [ Read More ]

My History With Pancakes


Let’s just say I have a history with pancakes. [ Read More ]

The Missing Mustache


I learned how to dress, not from my mother, but from Dad. He always looked, as we said way back, GQ.  Now the word would be that he was a ‘fashionista’, dressed on trend along with and his curly head of hair and a big mustache. [ Read More ]

What Happened When I Told My Mom About My “D” On The Math Test


I came home one day from school in 5th or 6th grade and announced to my mom, “I got a ‘D’ on my math test!”  [ Read More ]

We Need to Find Your Mommy


A few years back I learned a parenting trick from a seasoned mom that I will never forget. [ Read More ]

The Majestic Scenery


I had a really hard time getting a deal with my old house. The house was all good but my wife and I wanted to move closer to my grandchildren. [ Read More ]

Ma, There’s a Banana in the Dryer


After a very busy day of driving my kids to their respective destinations, doing the grocery shopping, attempting to do four loads of laundry, cooking dinner and doing everything else anyone could muster up for me to do that day, I decided to take the rest of the night off and relax with my husband … [ Read More ]