Robin Hood Pays the Cable Bill

funny dream image

March 15, 2014– My Dearest Secret Diary.  Shrink Shake, an esteemed member of the Smiles For All Board of Amusement, shared this most unusual dream with me: [ Read More ]

The Spice Girls and Cookie Time

funny dream image

March 22, 2014– Dear Secret Diary.  A friend of Emily recently shared a Spice Girl dream with us: [ Read More ]

To Do: Call The Responsibles

Adult responsibilities are lame, am I right?! If only we had the superhero team The Responsibles to help us… [ Read More ]

Weekend Warrior

How do you guys see yourselves during your weekend activities? Here’s a cartoon that might hit close to home. [ Read More ]

LISTEN: I Have A Dream (Diary) [PODCAST]

dream diary

We all remember high school differently.  Whether it’s through pictures, videos, trophies, or love letters.  Emily looks back at high school through her subconscious– aka the Dream Diary she kept. Adaeze learns more. [ Read More ]

LISTEN: Being Jeff Bridges Podcast

Jeff Bridges

Some dream of sugar plums, others dream of money trees. Others dream of fame, world peace, or pizzas the size of flying saucers.  Then there are others, like Adaeze, who dream of being Jeff Bridges [ Read More ]