Just Keeping It Safe


When my friend’s teenage daughter got her learner’s permit, she begged me to let her drive us to the store. Reluctantly, I agreed. [ Read More ]

Car Dirt Art


When I was in Michigan, US of A, I came across this car parked next to me. It wasn’t exactly clean but it’s beautiful! [ Read More ]

Magic Fire Hydrants: Now You Don’t See Them, Now You Do!

fire hydrant

The great magicians make things disappear. But making fire hydrants appear out of nowhere is a whole different kettle of fish. [ Read More ]

Yes, It’s Me, Again [PODCAST]

car accident

Vincy tells the story of his wife and he unfortunate habit of getting into car accident after car accident. And not just one or two. Several! [ Read More ]

Benefits From Math


I was very late for work and was pulled over by a police officer one day. The officer noticed that my shirt had the name of a local secondary school on it. “I teach maths,” I explained. [ Read More ]

Seat Belt Bloopers

seat belt

A Police officer motioned for my father, who was driving a tractor trailer, to pull over, and then asked him for his license and insurance. [ Read More ]

The Time I Lost My Mom’s Friend’s Mercedes


Once there was a boy I liked called Brady. The feeling was mutual, although shortly after discovering this, he’d moved to New York from the small city we’d grown up in. [ Read More ]

Car Door Knob

This car parked next to me has a door knob on his door! I don’t know if it was just a design but I’d say it’s really cool. [ Read More ]

Green Car


Thinking of buying an eco-friendly car? Here’s one from my neighbor. They literally grew their own car. [ Read More ]

Save 100% On Car Insurance…

Smiles For All can help you save BIG. Find out how!! [ Read More ]

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