Side Mirror Substitute

side mirror

I was finding a parking spot when I noticed one of the cars at my side. Looks to me like they found a good side mirror substitute. [ Read More ]

Intern Road Trip

I have worked and worked as an intern. As a college student, I knew when to laugh at a boss’ bad jokes just in case it helped (heads up: it does) and who to befriend because they would teach me how to refill the copier paper. Now that I supervise interns, I refrain from asking … [ Read More ]

Is Your Car Stereo Broken?


A broken car stereo is just an iPod away. [ Read More ]

What’s Parked in Your Garage?


Two blocks away from our house, you’ll find this garage with a jet parked inside, that is if you’re not wearing your glasses. [ Read More ]

Self-Service Seagull


This ingenious seagull has taken up residence at a petrol station cafe in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Buzzy, as the staff have named him, has learned how to open the automatic doors of the cafe, which he does in the hope of receiving tiny bits of nibbles from customers who are leaving. [ Read More ]

The Chicken Pilgrimage


I am not a farmer or a veterinarian so I don’t have much experience with animals. I have even less experience taking rides with livestock. But I suppose there is a first time for everything. [ Read More ]

Benefits From Math


I was very late for work and was pulled over by a police officer one day. The officer noticed that my shirt had the name of a local secondary school on it. “I teach maths,” I explained. [ Read More ]

Just Keeping It Safe


When my friend’s teenage daughter got her learner’s permit, she begged me to let her drive us to the store. Reluctantly, I agreed. [ Read More ]

Miss Piggy [VIDEO]

Kate tells the story about her first female idol, Miss Piggy. Not the one you’re thinking of. This Miss Piggy was a first-class go-kart driver! [ Read More ]

The Dean’s Spot [PODCAST]


Gregory tells the story of his parking adventures in college. You won’t believe what a lucky streak he had! [ Read More ]

Smiles For All