Change Of Plans: A Star Is Born


“What do you have to do to become a doctor?” my daughter, Kelsey, once asked. [ Read More ]

Temporary Out of Order Sign

out of order

The old photocopier at the office was always being decorated with sticky notes about its latest breakdown. Repairs, when they were made, didn’t last long. [ Read More ]

Mouse-to-Mouse, Anyone?


I work in a busy office where a computer going down causes an inconvenience. [ Read More ]

Five Dollars [PODCAST]

independent pro wrestling

Sean tells a hilarious true story about the wonderful world of independent pro wrestling. It’s not as glamorous as it may seem, but the stories are good! [ Read More ]

I’m Quite Sure That’s Jupiter


As the new teacher at school, I was keen to make a good impression by getting involved in extracurricular activities. [ Read More ]

In Case of Fire


We’re currently replacing the fire extinguishers at our school. I want to give a big thanks to this one naughty student for the safety precautions she made until the new extinguishers arrive. Water beats fire, anytime. [ Read More ]

Bacon Mushroom Ger!


The other day, I witnessed a fast-food chain’s staff meeting. The boss was furious. Somebody forgotten to put the burger inside of the hamburger buns. [ Read More ]

No Surgery Required


I thought I would share this advertisement that made me smile! I pass it on my way to work. It reads, “Charlie’s Cleaners. We remove wrinkles without surgery.” [ Read More ]

How Many Girls


Right after high school I got a job in a daycare helping take care of 5-6 year old kids. The job was an exhausting 9-7 but some moments with these kids made everything worthwhile. [ Read More ]

Easy Commute

A first day on the job is always an adventure, I suppose. But the commute? Surely that should be the easiest, most routine part. Not for this guy. A few years back, I had just accepted a job with a company that was located right in the middle of downtown Des Moines. [ Read More ]