The Court Transcriber

When my daughter Ruth was still living with us before she married, her girlfriend, Cynthia, would visit at times. She tried to talk my wife, Gloria, into switching jobs. [ Read More ]

UPS Only Ships Dead People

UPS Truck

April 26, 2014– Dear Secret Diary, I recently went into a UPS store and asked, “What would it cost to ship my teenager to some place he can’t get back from?”  I thought this was a fair question. [ Read More ]

Goodbye Cone, Hungry, Teacher


It’s been said that, “All good things must come to an end.” [ Read More ]

Overtime Without Pay? [PODCAST]


Andy tells the story of losing a set of keys after clocking out at his old after-school job. Did they get the keys back? Did they get overtime? [ Read More ]

Almost One Biscuit Short


My boss told me to install a faucet for a homeowner. When I rang the bell, his gargantuan dog leaped at me, trying to get any part of me that he could get a grip on. Fortunately, the screen door saved me from disaster. [ Read More ]

Painting Faces to Paint Walls [VIDEO]

Emily Tomasik tells a funny true story of a job she had face painting for a family company Christmas party. Told at Smiles For All Live!, a storytelling show. [ Read More ]

Inventions That Arent And Should Never Be


Have you ever thought about patenting ideas for inventions that have been milling around in your brain for years? [ Read More ]

Outgoing Mail


Someone had some fun and wrote, “Outgoing mail seeks femail.” Femails out there, here’s your chance! [ Read More ]

Human Factory


This is a perfectly taken photo of a factory (a garment factory actually) creating yet another human. [ Read More ]