Gnome Inside ATM


I found this sign at the convenience store that says, “Tiny money counting gnome is out sick”. I always knew there were little creatures inside that box. [ Read More ]

Morning Mayonnaise


This is what happens when you rush to work in the morning. Where is my mind? [ Read More ]

Hot Guy Tears [VIDEO]

hot guy

Leah tells the story of when she had to interview a potential intern but was so floored by his looks she began to cry. [ Read More ]

A Winning Prerecorded Voicemail Greeting

prerecorded voicemail greeting

September 3, 2013 I just had the most wonderful Milkshake Moment courtesy of The Onion’s prerecorded voicemail greeting message.  If you have 26 seconds to spare, call their corporate HQs at 312-751-0503.  Listen to option 7 at the end of the message, and I am confident you too will enjoy a chuckle.  If you’d rather … [ Read More ]

The Dental High Genius


As a dental hygienist, I had a family come in one day for cleanings. By the time I was ready for the father, he informed me I had a lot to live up to. [ Read More ]

The Truth Hurts [PODCAST]


Chanelle’s sisters are both grade school teachers, so it’s not surprise that they have a few hilarious memories about their young, witty students. [ Read More ]

The Irate Escape [PODCAST]


Vincy tells the story of helping his son find a job. It turns out to be a harder journey than they expected! [ Read More ]

Rock Stars and Princesses


A few months ago, my 4-year old daughter was trying on clothes. In between outfits, she would go to the center of the room and announce, “Hey everybody, I’m going to be a rock star! Watch me!” [ Read More ]

Mistaken Identity


I was a novice security guard, having only been on the job about a couple of weeks. As a novice, I thought my bosses wouldn’t send women out to dark and frightening places. I was wrong. [ Read More ]

Custom Underwear


One summer I worked for my Uncle Harry in his pawn shop on North Ave. My Uncle had a penchant for practical jokes. This is an example of the chicanery my uncle pulled off at his pawn shop: [ Read More ]

Smiles For All