Boredom Makes Creativity


I took this photo when I was writing some essay and hit with boredom. When you run out of ideas, here’s one of the crazy things you do. [ Read More ]

“Sleep Deprived Parents”

Ever since my wife and I became parents we have been thinking about forming a band and calling it “Sleep Deprived Parents”. [ Read More ]

The Substi-tutu


During intermission at the ballet event at the university, my friends and I were commenting on the beautiful costumes. [ Read More ]

The Three Stooges Practice Medicine… Literally!

Three Stooges

True story – I did a rotation as a medical resident with a Dr. Kerley. [ Read More ]

The Adorable Young Girl And Her Newly Chosen Name


Young children have the coolest imaginations.  Recently, a Mom told me that her 4-year old daughter gave herself a new name,“Princess Mermaid Unicorn Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtle.” [ Read More ]

My New Year’s Resolution and TV


January 3, 2015– Dear Secret Diary, as the turning of the calendar seems to be a time for introspection, I thought this year I might assess my relationship with TV.  [ Read More ]

Mario House


I found this house when visiting a friend in Foix. It’s painted to be Mario themed! [ Read More ]

Gym is Art


I’m quite an artsy person. That’s why I enrolled at this gym. [ Read More ]

Where’s Shrek


In case you’re wondering where Shrek has been after his last movie, here you go. Found at a nature reserve. I need to find Donkey next! [ Read More ]

What Does Harold Prince, Bicycles, and Camping Out Have In Common?

Midsummer Night's Dream

College days usually mean studying, fun, and adventurous frat parties. Those of us studying theater at the Art Conservatory at Purchase College had plenty of fun and adventure along with our studies– but not in the conventional college manner. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All