The Three Little Pigs

three little pigs

The Three Little Pigs have been part of all our childhood memories. So I was happy to get ahold of the book that my mom used to read to me as a kid. The fact that I would be reading the same book to my first born made me excited. [ Read More ]

Ukulele Hedgehog [PODCAST]


Peace, love, ukulele music, and hedgehogs. What more could one want?? [ Read More ]

Cheering for the Demise of Baldy

Star Trek

Robert was a die-hard Star Trek fan, and to admit the truth, so am I. If you’ve ever been to our condo and entered the “stereo room”, you’d see the walls covered with Star Trek movie posters and autographed pictures of Star Trek scenes. [ Read More ]

The Wrong Jordan

michael jordan

I have a friend who works for a corporation that sometimes lets me know when there are interesting things in sports and entertainment happening with his company. [ Read More ]

Music Mistakes and Mishaps…Some That Even Make Sense (Part 1)

Music Mistakes, Mishaps, and Malpropisms

Dear Secret Diary– January 4, 2014, I’ve made so many music mistakes.  A few years ago for a period of about six (6) months, I kept noticing myself singing “I’m a Rhinestone Cowboy” from the song, Rhinestone Cowboy.  Each time I did this it was a mistake.  Not even at the unconscious level do I … [ Read More ]

Yoda Storage Guard


The school’s storage section where we stock up our chalks and other teaching supplies has Yoda to guard it from trespassers. [ Read More ]

Meet Betty Jean

hot air balloon

This face belongs to Betty Jean, the world’s first butterfly special shape hot air balloon. Over 120 feet tall with wings over 125 feet long, Betty Jean is one big insect!!! [ Read More ]

The Audtion [VIDEO]

Danny tells the story of his love for musicals. Only thing, he can’t sing! But that doesn’t stop him from having the best audition of his life. [ Read More ]

Questions For Cartoon Characters [VIDEO]

We ask our guests at our recent Smiles For All Live Story Night, “What cartoon character would you most like to meet, and what question would you ask him/her?” We got some pretty hysterical responses. [ Read More ]

Watching What Grandpa Likes


Whenever I visit the in-laws, I usually end up hanging out with Grandpa. We get along well and he’s pretty vibrant and active for someone we believed to be around 85. Not one’s really quite sure. [ Read More ]