Kay Sah Dee Yah [PODCAST]


Paul McCartney once wondered if the world has “had enough of silly love songs.” Steven Sellers answers no, with this catchy ditty confessing his love for this cheesy Mexican favorite: quesadillas. [ Read More ]

TV Side View Mode


This was the scene when I arrived at my friend’s place. Turns out, the TV helps her daughter get sleepy. [ Read More ]



Jerry remembers his friend Spoons, who was named that because that was the instrument he played. He was also an incredible talent who wowed everyone. [ Read More ]

Pipe’s Foot


Of all the pipes I’ve ever seen, these pipes have the best pair of shoes. [ Read More ]

Big Forehead = More Intelligence?


When I lived in Kansas City, my girlfriend at the time, Amy, went on an audition for a commercial. I wasn’t working that day, so I went with her to the casting director’s office. [ Read More ]



What is art? Tara’s plumber may have just the answer. [ Read More ]


Sara idolizes Amy Schumer and wants to have a life like her’s. In this story, she talks about he she got closer than she’d ever imagine. [ Read More ]

Playful People Playing Piano [VIDEO]

Amazing things happen when playful people and a piano get together, particularly at a TED conference. [ Read More ]

Stand-Up Comedian: Simon Cadel [VIDEO]

Why is buying orange juice so confusing? What’s so weird about the English language? Why do so many people go to Ikea? All this and more in this hilarious stand-up set! [ Read More ]

The Value Of A Name


My wife has a cousin who manages Hollywood stars. I’m not going to tell you who she manages because I’m not a name dropper, but I can assure you these people still draw the big bucks. [ Read More ]