Great Ol’ TV


Our old TV has a special casing to prevent it from getting dusty. When we bought a new one, we decided to use the old TV as a stand instead. [ Read More ]


Sara idolizes Amy Schumer and wants to have a life like her’s. In this story, she talks about he she got closer than she’d ever imagine. [ Read More ]

Funny Sand Sculpture


I found this dog sand sculpture made by a street performer. People passing by couldn’t resist coming back just to give it a second look. [ Read More ]

Country Music Concert [PODCAST]

country music

Charlie and his country music bandmate apply to play at a venue in California with over 50,000 people!! So when they do get accepted, it all seems too good to be true. Wait… is it? [ Read More ]

Mall Cinema


This bunch of kids are having a good time watching cartoons at the mall. If that’s what makes them behave then, why not? [ Read More ]

My New Year’s Resolution and TV


January 3, 2015– Dear Secret Diary, as the turning of the calendar seems to be a time for introspection, I thought this year I might assess my relationship with TV.  [ Read More ]

A Deep Resounding You


One evening my wife and I were watching a television show. “Wow, what a hunk!” she commented on one of the actors. [ Read More ]

This Movie Is For The Dogs [PODCAST]


Mike McGranaghan tells a funny true story about going to a move about dogs, WITH dogs. Was it a dog-gone mess? [ Read More ]

My Geeky Lamp


So my boyfriend is a little geeky, which I really like. Here is one his gifts, which I really like. [ Read More ]

Art is Everywhere


Art is indeed everywhere here in London. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All