Horsey’s Hurt Feelings


My three year old son came home from pre-school visibly upset. Everyday, he napped with a stuffed horse named ”Horsey”. Apparently, today, he had hurt Horsey’s feelings. [ Read More ]

The Disappearance of Reggie

Most days our lives don’t mimic movies. I find this to be a tragedy since I would really love Joel Edgerton to come sweep me off my feet (or his brother Nash… either is acceptable). Once in a while, however, it seems like moments in our day come straight from an IMAX screen. Normally this … [ Read More ]

Classroom Humor


I was discussing gender with the year seven class that I teach. Noise and laughter filled the classroom. [ Read More ]

My Boxer’s Tale


Boxers are comical, funny, jovial and have many such characteristics that you can spend your whole day watching their antics without getting bored. [ Read More ]

That’s Quite A Stylish Dog

Stylish Dog

August 30, 2014- Dear Secret Diary, just yesterday, I saw the most stylish dog*. [ Read More ]

Mission Impossible Mouse


I needed to prove to my wife that our house was infested by mice. I never get to catch one, but I did get a chance to take a photo of one. [ Read More ]

The Case of the Missing Shoes


My mother was one of those people who were constantly late to any and all appointments, meetings, church services, whatever.  Her problem wasn’t that she wanted to keep others waiting or that she wished to annoy people, far from it. Her problem was that she continually lost track of her possessions as well as multitudinous … [ Read More ]

Shark Watermelon


This Shark Watermelon was found at a gathering for food and art lovers. [ Read More ]

Mystical Messengers: Sometimes Angels are Ugly


One of spring’s first omens is the increased number of critters scuttling along the city streets. I was 11 when I first realized my connection to roaches was more than disgust. [ Read More ]

Dog Driver Found


I was waiting at the airport when I noticed this human body/dog head parking beside me. I guess the Q&A section* has helped a lot of people make their choice. [ Read More ]