Sunny Side Cat


Placing a mandarin orange in the middle of my rolled-up cat makes her a Sunny Side Cat! [ Read More ]

Horsey’s Hurt Feelings


My three year old son came home from pre-school visibly upset. Everyday, he napped with a stuffed horse named ”Horsey”. Apparently, today, he had hurt Horsey’s feelings. [ Read More ]

Cattitude Part VI: Catinese: What Is Your Cat Really Saying?


Cats communicate with each other and their owners in a myriad of ways, many of which may go unnoticed if signals are misread or ignored. Things like a deep or light purr, for example, relay a different message to the purree (the one who is listening). [ Read More ]

Ukulele Hedgehog [PODCAST]


Peace, love, ukulele music, and hedgehogs. What more could one want?? [ Read More ]

Baby Ryan Loves Deer


Ryan, my baby nephew, loves running and hopping around. I think he loves deer. [ Read More ]

Mouse in the House Madness!


It began innocuously enough with my wife hurling the wet laundry all over the garage when she spotted a “huge rat” sprinting behind the washing machine.  Now I’m not a timid man, but I admit to loathing rats, spiders, and reality TV. [ Read More ]

Paper Binder Monster


With a vast amount of binder clips and a lot of free time, you can create this desk monster. [ Read More ]

My Cousin’s Cat


One day I visited my little cousin’s home. He had a cat. In the afternoon, I noticed my cousin gave the cat a fried fish. I asked him why and he just answered, “My cat is not a Japanese. She doesn’t eat raw fish.” [ Read More ]

Dog Stick Block


Our dog, Oreo, couldn’t find the way inside. [ Read More ]

Dog Princess


My friend Beatriz has this really cute dog which can never be separated from her furry rag. She somehow thought it was part of her body. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All