Rats and Snakes [VIDEO]

Emily remembers one of her first loves from a science class along with all the lab-animals involved! [ Read More ]

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service


Phil takes the ol’ policy of “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” and sees it from the perspective of a dog! [ Read More ]

My Seagull Head Feels Heavy


Today my head feels a little heavy. Now I know how that seagull on the bottom feels! [ Read More ]

Dog Chases More Than Its Tail


Our odd little dog was first named “Shorty”, for his stout legs holding up his large body. Later we added “Herman” after a friend of a friend. [ Read More ]

Bird Camo


I’ve been sitting here for a good two hours. They still haven’t noticed that I’m not an actual bird. [ Read More ]

Farm Discoveries

This kid has never seen a farm before! So naturally she has some questions… [ Read More ]

Valentines Day At The Aquarium

valentines day

While recently visiting the Toronto aquarium, I couldn’t help but notice all the “fish couples”.  So, being a bit of a romantic (but by no means a marine biologist), I named some of the unique couples I saw around the fishtanks. [ Read More ]

The Chicken Game


As a child, young Patrick and his friends would play The Chicken Game. It was a search for money that could end in riches… or in tears. [ Read More ]

The Smoke Alarm That Never Ends


How would you do living in a house with a never-ending smoke alarm? And what if that smoke alarm was also your pet? [ Read More ]

King Kong Runaway Lobster


The following story is true, but no names were changed to protect either the innocent or the guilty, since the subject of this tale is a 30-pound South African lobster we will call Mikey. [ Read More ]