The Original Mouse Pad

mouse pad

Sure, we have our idea of mouse pads. But did you ever think about what a mouse pad was before the age of personal computers? It seems a lot more wholesome! [ Read More ]

Happy Wife Happy Life


Hunting in North Idaho is like breathing for most men. You walk into most homes and expect to see a deer, moose or an elk hanging on the wall. [ Read More ]

Magic Beans


My father was always one for a bargain. One day, as he was going for his morning walk, a small bag of what he thought were fertilizer granules fell from the back of a passing truck. [ Read More ]

Beware of the Dog and the Cat


I found this “Beware of the Dog” sign at my outside my neighbor’s house. I think he lives with wild animals. [ Read More ]

Q&A Tuesday: Would You Rather Have a Human Body and a Dog Head, or a Dog Body and a Human Head?


Today on Q&A Tuesday, Julio120 asks:  [ Read More ]

Phone For the Dog


New house around the block. It was amazing that the dog had his own phone. [ Read More ]

What’s In A Name… Meow?


Nancy and I met often at our community mailboxes. Generally, after discussing the state of the world, we would take up the topic of our kids. I will stand corrected, however, as these aren’t our “kids”, when really they are our “cats”. [ Read More ]

Still Can’t Control the Dog


My boyfriend is such a geek. He refurbished this retro game control to a drag line handle for my dog. But I still can’t somehow control my dog with this. [ Read More ]

Rats and Snakes [VIDEO]

Emily remembers one of her first loves from a science class along with all the lab-animals involved! [ Read More ]

Classroom Humor


I was discussing gender with the year seven class that I teach. Noise and laughter filled the classroom. [ Read More ]

Smiles For All