My Cat LuLu


Oh, I’ve never been interested in pets. I’ve always thought they were just so stinky and gross to have around. All they do is make sounds and poop and pee and poop some more, I mean, what’s the big ol’ deal?

Now, don’t let this negative nancy attitude fool ya, this is the way I thought BEFORE I met LuLu, the stray cat in my neighborhood. LuLu is my neighborhood stray, but with all of the dirt on her fur I thought she was a giant rat at first. In fact, for several days as I walked home at night LuLu would follow me home running and I would scream and run away because I thought it was a giant rat chasing me. I was terrified, sometimes I would even scream out loud “Somebody help!”.

But silly me, it was just Lulu, the neighborhood stray. I found out about her through overhearing my neighbors conversation about a strange cat that leaves pieces of cardboard at their window and quite literally heard them say, “We thought it was a rat but it’s not.” “What it is then?” “It’s a cat.” “Oh, neat!”. Knowing that sure made my walk home at night a lot more pleasant!

Since overhearing my neighbors I decided that I wanted to befriend this cat. In order to do so I thought that every night, on my way home, I would buy a can of cat food and leave it out for LuLu to eat. After a week she stopped running after me and would gently walk by my side on my way home, sometimes she would even snuggle up to me as I entered my building.

One day, during one of the coldest days I’ve ever experienced, I heard a purring sound coming from my window, It was LuLu and she was covered in snow and freezing! I couldn’t bare to see her out there so I let her in, cleaned her up and fed her. It took some time for her to adjust to being inside, she didn’t know where she was! She would follow me EVERYWHERE, even into the shower. I thought cats were terrified of water! It sure did take some getting used to but now you can find LuLu resting by a tiny drawing of a fireplace for cats I made for her, warm, filled with food and definitely NOT a rat.

(photo courtesy of Dan/