Advice: A Case of Mistaken Identity

WinkAugust 8, 2013– Dear Secret Diary.  I love teasing my friends.  One of my favorites is the “Mistaken Identity” playful prank.For example, I love calling up a friend and telling him something along the lines of, “Hey ‘Joe’, do you know what somebody wrote in graffiti about you in the Ladies Room in Concourse C in the United Airlines Terminal at Kennedy Airport?  I’m told the message reads, ‘Joe’s hot!'”

Another “Mistaken Identity” opportunity came up today.

Yesterday, a friend sent me a story about how some non-members of a golf course dressed up like golfers and made off with some credit cards and the like from lockers at the course.

The New York Post ran the story today and included some pictures of the imposters.  So I called the friend who sent me the story and implied that he was one of the imposters.  I said, “You look a lot like one of the guys” in the article.  He communicated in not so many words that he was not involved.

Yup, just another case of mistaken identity on my part.  Secret Diary, I promise there will be more!