Buster the Dog: King of Ruffs

BusterDogSince we got our dog Buster from a rescue shelter last fall, he’s been a great dog. Loyal, friendly, quiet, playful – all of those qualities a family loves.

Then, for a few months, he was determined to escape from the backyard.

I swore he scaled the garage several times. We resorted to purchasing a doggie GPS. But then the unthinkable happened.

One night during a recent thunderstorm, Buster was locked in his crate for the evening. He was exhausted from a recent hike so he was zonked out. A few hours later during a midnight trip to the bathroom, his human Mom (me) found Buster in the upstairs bathroom hiding in the corner! Staring at her!

It wasn’t the lack of privacy that freaked out his human Mom (me), it was how the heck did he get there??

I should add: he never, ever goes upstairs in the house. That’s verboten. So back he goes to the crate.

But the crate was locked.

How did Buster get out? Did he bust out? Or is he Houdini, in doggie form???

We’ll never know.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ **Buster, a Beagle-Pointer mix, was born in the summer of 2010 in a small Arkansas town.  He was found wandering and brought to a rescue group.  Adopted by the Karels of Thornwood, NY, in September 2012.