Is It My Birthday Yet?

Fire to a little boy is all-consuming. The moment I light a candle in my house, my son climbs up to the table to try and blow it out. Usually I have to tell him to wait so the scent can at least somewhat creep into the air before he cannot take it anymore and has to blow it out. I often find myself sneaking out the lighter and quietly lighting candles in hopes he doesn’t see me.

Birthdays are the same. In our family they seem to happen every week and he is almost insulted if he’s not invited to help blow out the candles during cake time. Therefore, what happens next shouldn’t have surprised me.

Recently over the Christmas holiday, we attended a Catholic church service. Although we have gone to weddings and churches before, my two year old son had never been to a Catholic service. Having grown up in the Catholic Church, I understood all the intricacies of the service. First off, they are long and there is a lot of standing up, kneeling, and sitting down. Actually, this change in position during the service kept him and his twin sister entertained. It was physical activity that they didn’t get in trouble for!

However, about half way through I noticed my son standing up, leaning over the pew into the aisle and blowing into the air. At first, I ignored him and thought as long as he isn’t being loud, other people can just ignore him too. At this point, he had already offered my cousin behind him some Wheat Thins and used colored pencils to drum on the pew, so… I was ignoring him until my curiosity got the better of me. “What is he doing?,” I thought.

Then, I saw them. The candle girls. Each one holding a giant size candle, with a flame five times the ones at home. Suddenly I realized he was trying to blow them out! We were about five rows back from the Priest and the candle girls so unless a hurricane suddenly swept through the church, he didn’t have a chance at actually blowing them out.

His little face got redder and redder as he huffed and puffed to try and blow them out. He blew and blew and finally gave up when he realized it was futile. Thankfully, other than leaning into the aisle for everyone to see, he didn’t attempt to get down and go up there. However, I looked around and noticed a few smirks on peoples faces and just prayed the Priest hadn’t seen him!

(photo of child courtesy of chrisroll/, photo of candle courtesy of Marcus74id/