Beware of Autopilot Mode When Answering the Phone


Everyone has a standard greeting they use when answering the phone at work and mine has always been, “Good morning, Name of Company/Department, Melanie speaking.”

Short, succinct, to the point – like me. One morning, after a particularly sleepless night my phone rings at work. In sleep deprived autopilot mode I answered the phone, “Good morning, Name of Company/Department, Melanie sleeping.”

There was silence on the other end as I slowly realized what I had just said. My hopes that the person on the other end hadn’t realized my snaffoo were quickly dashed as the bellowing laugh I recognized as one of the doctors I worked for ensued – as did much ribbing. Several years later, I was covering phones at the front desk, the phone rang, I answered it correctly and was met with the response, “Are you sure you’re not SLEEPING?!” Followed by that same bellowing laugh. Sigh. Consider yourself warned.

(photo courtesy of Hupeng/