Behavior Report

One Friday when I was in fifth grade, my teacher announced that my class was going to the gymnasium for a special program. I don’t know if I was just sick of being cooped up the classroom all week or if I was really excited to see the program, but I was practically bursting to get out. My teacher told us to line up single file so we could head out to the gym and I got in line right behind one of best friends. We were the first and second people in line and so when the teacher gave us the go ahead to start walking towards the gym, we were the first to head out.
About half way there, my friend and I looked at each other and just decided to sprint the rest of the way to the gym; leaving the rest of our class far behind us. Undoubtedly, my teacher saw us running ahead of everyone and when she caught up to us, she pulled me and my friend aside and told us how disappointed she was in us. That day I received my first and only behavior report.
When I got home, I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell my mom so I played it cool initially. I did my homework and my chores and tried not to draw any unwanted attention on myself.  By bedtime, I had no choice but to tell my mom because I needed her signature on the behavior report. When I walked up to my mom, I put on my best puppy dog look. Although I didn’t say anything at first, she couldn’t help but notice me because I was literally standing so close I just knew she could feel my breath on her. She pulled me closer, gave me a hug and asked me what was wrong. Initially, I didn’t want to say so I went on and on about how much I disappointed her and that I wanted to tell her what was wrong but I just couldn’t.  After building her up, I handed her the behavior report at her request. She looked at it and then said, “Ok, where do I sign?” Really… it can’t be this easy?
(photo courtesy of Ding Jiao/