In Search Of The Missing Ice Cream

WantedIceCreamTheif My aunt and uncle live up in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. A few days before my cousin Weston’s graduation, they started planning a big graduation party. After buying all kinds of food to prepare for the big day, my aunt noticed that the pièce de résistance, a special berry ice cream Weston loved, kept going missing from the freezer.

Knowingly, my aunt accused my uncle of eating it all. He denied all of her claims and even offered to replace the missing desert.

The day before the party, the family set everything up. In early spring the animals come out of hibernation and when these animals wake up they are hungry. In case any critters started snooping around, when my aunt set up all the food on the porch she made sure it was covered.

With preparations completed, everyone went to bed excited for the next day. Late that night, my aunt woke up to the sound of something stirring downstairs, but my uncle was lying next to her in bed. Afraid, she sent him down to investigate the porch.

Minutes later he returned, swearing he saw nothing on the porch, but still the noises continued. Armed with a tennis racket, my aunt went downstairs with my uncle into the kitchen, where they found an adult female black bear. My uncle ran through the house to open the front door in hopes of coaxing the bear to leave. Even though someone had forgotten to latch the back porch door, all the food on the porch was untouched.  Later that night she found her way out of the house and everyone went back to bed.

In the morning, with the family all excited for the big ceremony, my aunt suddenly noticed that the freezer door was open. The bear did find something she wanted. An empty carton of ice cream was left on the front lawn.

From the house my uncle called, “See! I’m not the only big hairy thing eating all the ice cream!”