Bad Hair Days at Costa del Sol


My memories of the Costa del Sol are limited to one week spent in Torremolinos with a girlfriend more years ago than I care to admit.

We were vacationing throughout southern Europe and from Spain we visited Morocco and… well, I digress.

We were staying at this small hotel on the main thoroughfare. The room was small but big enough for the two of us, and the food wasn’t bad. The main problem with the floor we were staying on was an unusual phenomenon no travel agent could have warned us about and one we could never have predicted.

Our room was in the back and the elevator and stairs were in the front section of the floor. The distance between these two points was the problem. Non-geometrically speaking, distance and points are not and never have been my forte, but in this case, a circular vent on the ceiling would encase us in its circumference, not to mention unmitigated fury, and blow our hair with such force that we both looked like we had walked through a tornado. It whipped unmercifully, and no matter how we tried to cover ourselves and prepare, by the time we reached the elevator, there was not hope for our curls or waves, permanent or otherwise.

As bad as that was, reaching the lobby was even a more perilous adventure. Once, when the door opened I remember that a man dropped his pipe and his eyes opened wide. We must have looked like alien things that the wind dragged in from the sea. I checked the mirror in the lobby and it confirmed my suspicions. After a quick fix in the restroom we both proceeded on our hairy way.

This happened every day for a week. We requested a room change after the third day but they were unable to do it. Besides, they laughed, thinking these two American women were really funny, there’s a vent on every floor!

You would be surprised what you can get used to, and we just wore dark glasses as we made our disheveled way every morning to the powder room in the lobby to fix damages before going out for a day on the sort of town. Trust me when I tell you this was only funny in retrospect.

To this day, I walk around fans and avoid vents. My hair is long and easily messed. In comparison with world hunger, global warming, the invasion in Crimea and the war in Syria among a myriad of other terrible things, this is certainly not very important. However true that perspective may be, didn’t the father of our country, George Washington himself warn us to beware of entangling alliances? Maybe he wasn’t talking about hair, but then again, with a wig like the one he wore and taking into account that he might never slept at the same hotel we did, who can say?

(photo courtesy of Artur Bogacki/