About Zachary Tomasik

Zachary Tomasik is 5'11", ruggedly good looking, has a charming wit, lives with his parents, and was single for a long long time. Now I've got a really great girlfriend that probably is too good for me, but she hasn't figured that out yet. I like running, reading about running, science, and eating. Healthy food of course being that I'm really fit. Duh. I could mention that I'm a tad insecure but that has probably been well highlighted by the majority of my bio. Carry on.

Sports Terminology


Sports can take on another language, and if you’re new to sports, certain phrases and sayings may leave you confused. Let me help break some of these down for you. [ Read More ]

Work Out With Your Dog [VIDEO]

I mean, really, who wants to work out when you can be playing with a cute, fluffy puppy? [ Read More ]

The Fallen Stock of Pokemon Cards


Like many preteen children, I had my fair share of silly fads while growing up. Yo-Yo’s, Jynco jeans, legos, and gelled hair were among my obsessions. None however stung me as bad as the Pokemon card bug. [ Read More ]

Custom Ornaments


Being from a family of four, most of the ornaments hanging on our family’s Christmas tree are handmade. Frumpy looking Santa Claus’ made out of pop cans, doves made out of construction paper, the classic spray painted macaroni ornament, and many others. [ Read More ]

Swear Words (A Funny Song) [VIDEO]

When I was in elementary school, I admitted to saying the “F” word.  The problem: I didn’t actually know what the “F” word was… [ Read More ]

My First Sleep Over

You never forget firsts. My first time riding a bike, my first time putting my head underwater (my dad bought me ribs and curly q french fries for that), my first kiss, and- last but not least- my first sleep over. [ Read More ]

How To Buy Things In Amish Country

When in Amish country… [ Read More ]

Right Place, Wrong Time

We’ll do anything to win… but we have no idea what to do if we win. [ Read More ]

Why My Kids Will Play Baseball With a Tennis Ball

When I was a preteen, my summers were spent outside playing sports. I had the biggest backyard in the neighborhood, so I would often host nightly baseball, kickball, and football games. My parents were fully supportive of it- going out of their way to buy weighted rubber bases instead of using super-light frisbees that kept … [ Read More ]