About Zachary Lennon-Simon

Zach Lennon-Simon is a 22 year old writer and teen film teacher. In his spare time, he watches an assortment of films, reads comic books, eats pizza and writes about himself in the third person.

It’s All Pretty Pathetic Stuff [VIDEO]

Zach recounts all the good times he had as a kid.  All those middle school memories…. Ok, so maybe they’re not all “good”, but hindsight is always 20/20. [ Read More ]


With our intense love of Lord of the Rings, bodies discombobulated by puberty, and a complete lack of fashion sense or taste in popular music, my friends and I decided that we weren’t going to get dates to our 8th grade prom. [ Read More ]

Good Boy [VIDEO]


Zach wanted to be like the bad kids.  But he didn’t want it that bad. [ Read More ]

GB Trivia [VIDEO]


A grandmother never forgets. [ Read More ]