Plane Slide


I was with my acquaintances for our Air Base tour when I found the most fun-to-ride slide on the planet. Now this is a plane I’d like to board! [ Read More ]

Mall Cinema


This bunch of kids are having a good time watching cartoons at the mall. If that’s what makes them behave then, why not? [ Read More ]

Garbage Tank


Garbage Truck, why not Garbage Tank? I believe this was in 2004. [ Read More ]

Door Sticks


It’s trying to warm me that the door sticks, bt really the door literally has sticks. Why on Earth?! [ Read More ]

Alpha Squirrel


Day five: I have finally established myself as the alpha squirrel of the pack. [ Read More ]

My Son and His Life with Satisfaction


This is a photo of my youngest son and his reaction to when I finished his Toy House. As you can see, he was very satisfied. [ Read More ]

Halloween Trick


A friend had a tree blow down by the storm two days before November 1st, so she got a little creative with it. Just in time for Halloween! [ Read More ]

What’s Keeping Me in the Bathroom


This is what has kept me in the bathroom. The photo was about 5 years ago until I decided to get rid of it. I always run late at my errands because of it. It was fun though. [ Read More ]

Pikachu on Belt


I had to drive my little nephew to school once. When I instructed him, “Safety first, fasten the seat belts,” this is what he did to his toy Pikachu. [ Read More ]

Foot Keyboard


If anyone out there wants to type with their foot or walk with a keyboard here’s what you should get! [ Read More ]