About Thomas Sullivan

Thomas Sullivan is the author of "So Much Time, So Little Change" (a collection of humor essays). He also writes short posts for the humor website HumorOutcasts.com . Please visit his author website at: www.thomassullivanhumor.com

The Truth About Vegetables


A while back my wife went out of town for work, which left me to do the cooking. In our two-person household we both cook, I just do it badly (have you ever burnt spaghetti? That takes a special talent). [ Read More ]

I’m Number One


The other day I was having serious virus issues. My outdated computer kept getting flooded with adware. How old is my machine? [ Read More ]

Fun At The Dentist Office


I arrive in the dental clinic waiting room at 7:30 a.m. and start filling out paperwork. I’ve chosen the early hour appointment so that, in the event of needles or drilling, I’ll be as tired and confused as possible. [ Read More ]

Grown Kids


I bound down the stairs of our hotel in Mexico after eight long hours on a plane from Seattle. I’m dying to feel a hot sun on a warm beach, rarities in the Pacific Northwest… [ Read More ]

The Secret


My Mom and I drive across town to visit some old friends of the family. Living on the West Coast, I don’t get back to Connecticut that often, so it’s always nice to reconnect with the people that were Mom and Dad’s friends when I was growing up. [ Read More ]

Keeping Up With Technology


It’s not easy keeping up with technology. A few years ago I worked at a vocational school, teaching introductory computer skills. My students were mostly young adults looking to enter the workforce. But we also had a few retirees in the class as well. [ Read More ]

Learning the Hard Way


I recently saw an ad for an insurance company. In the clip a parent ran behind a young boy, who was learning to ride a bicycle. The parent let the grinning, helmeted tyke go and he pedaled away with a huge smile on his face. [ Read More ]

How We Learn


I’m nearing the end of a Drivers Ed lesson with a slightly nervous teenage girl. We role our 1995 Chevy Malibu onto an empty dead-end road and I instruct the girl to stop in the street, a few feet away from the curb. My driver is about to attempt parallel parking for the first time. [ Read More ]

Over the Top

arm wrestling

I was fifteen when I gave muscle-building a second try. [ Read More ]

A Small But Effective Army


My Dad loved playing gentle pranks. Most involved mental sleights of hand. [ Read More ]