About Theodoros II

Theodoros II is a bright but not that successful lawyer who is willing to write for food and the occasional luxury. He takes pride in being multilingual, even though he still can’t spell “Wendesday” correctly; at least he can say it in four different languages!
His work has also appeared in Best Rock Writing 2014 and Listserve.com’s Epic Book of (Mind-Boggling) Top 10 Lists. If you are interested in reading more of his work you can visit his blog at theo-cracy.com.

The Scale Never Lies


I passed by my grandparents’ house a few days ago and as usual my grandma was admonishing my grandpa for his unhealthy eating habits and all the extra weight he needs to lose for his own good. [ Read More ]

She Got the Wrong Phone Number


I was watching a film with my fiancée when the phone rang and I clicked pause knowing that it was probably either one of her friends or her sister and for the next forty-five minutes, if I were lucky, I would have to wait until I could restart the film. [ Read More ]

What’s Your Favorite Machine at the Gym?


A few days ago I met a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in many years. [ Read More ]

Dangerous Moquito


The other day my friend John came to work with a huge bump on his forehead that just couldn’t be ignored. [ Read More ]

The Anxious Taxi Driver


I took a taxi to a friend’s house in the southern suburbs of town and after a few minutes I realized I gave him the wrong address. [ Read More ]

Homework Help


I was helping my eight-year-old nephew, Theo, with his homework the other day and I was trying to make it as interesting as possible for him by using actual examples. [ Read More ]

When Showboating Goes Wrong


A few months ago my good friend, a lawyer, finally made his dream come true: After many years working for different law firms he was finally opening his own law office. [ Read More ]

When Kids Talk, Adults Should Listen


The other day my eight-year-old nephew and my brother passed by my apartment and decided to stay over for dinner. [ Read More ]

Why the Groom is Wearing Black


Not too long ago I attended a good friend’s wedding. As I sat there admiring the happy couple, I heard a little girl (this was mostly likely the first wedding she ever attended) ask her mother a question. [ Read More ]

Doing The Right Thing


This story takes us back to 2004 when I was still a student and worked part-time in a pet store so I could make some extra cash for summer vacation. [ Read More ]